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I'm grad you brought this up. I have the same problem! Quote: Originally Posted by lizalyn Unfortunately, I have one, and it gaps at the top of the cup when strapless. I'm just that tiny I guess! Same here. And the elastic gives me a bad rash. I guess I need 30A...
WOW You look great in all of them!! Where did you find valle? I've been looking for them forever.
If you're looking for a pair that hugs and accentuates butts, I recommend siwy. My butt is non-existent and they do wonders for me. Even better than paiges.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILL Hope you had a good one!
It's Japanese. The top half explains about the jeans (how special and unique they are), and the bottom half is talking about how they measure the jeans. Feel free to PM me if you need further help
Haha, I LOVE your pose! The last matic pic looks like a cool advertisement!! You look great.
Looks good to me too. Hi, Cindy How are you doing?
Apryl, I'm sure you'll be able to pull them off.
That dress is really cute cindy! I'd wear the second pair, the first one could be too much.
Yeah, 109 is a good place to shop. It's a fashion building and maybe it's easy for you to shop. Harajuku area has a lot of small stores, and you can find something really unique. I haven't been in Japan for long time so I don't know what's changed, but I think you can find Under Cover and Bathing Ape.
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