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anyone know any websites/stores that carry designer [name brand] eyeglass frames? TIA
p.s. that's just an example of her addy hehe
hey all. I need help shipping to a candian address. buyer only gave me her address but no zipcode. does canada have zipcodes? =\ this was on her paypal info: 1234 streetname cityname, canada are there more stuff missing? tia!
we should have one stickied like RR neways, i just wanted to ask if anyone sees any black sfam pants sz 28/29 [any material-velvet, twill, not jeans/cords]. please pm me! im looking for some work appropriate pants. just check out my wishlist. thanks all!
RR black pants, not jeans sz 28/29
^too much work lols imo, its 2 sizes to big for me!
no they didnt stretch when i put them on [i mean they're made of stretch material though]. when i received them, they were brand new. and when i put them on they were saggy like crazy. gotta sell them, dont feel like altering them
i measured the pair i got and it was 16" flat and thats the measurement that i usually wear, but they're ridiculously huge. so weird. all of my other jeans with that size waist fits perfect. =\ *shrugs*
apparently i have a freak pair b/c i sized down and they're still HUGE! so imo [for the pair i have] it ran 2 sizes big
isnt it missing the other part of the black ribbon where the navy stitching is? it doesnt look "complete" like this one:
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