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I got one for $25 off $100. The coupons are only good for the account they sent it to, so you will not be able to pass it on to someone else. When I tried to use my coupon though, it did not work. I've been emailing Ebay, but they are not much help, and I'm pissed.
My Bobbys are TTS
I sized up and they fit perfect at first, but they stretch out quite a bit, so I recommend staying TTS.
Mine run tts-slightly large.
Ebay or the Outlet, if you're extremely lucky.
I paid $225
I sized up for mine...If you have a small butt/hips you can probably stay TTS.
Whoa - they're in the US but shipping is cheaper to canada? Weird.
What a great price! Those are New Amsterdam high waist bootcuts
Heavily washed bangkok.
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