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you don't need anything to return stuff. there's the old tired story hahaha
for my orientation the exact words were. Nordstroms Return Policy: We Have None
i'm wearing that green and white tunic in my pictures but my pictures are sooo small you can't really see=(...they're called minipics for a reason hahah anyways yeah that top is handsewn i'll try to find a bigger picture in my photobucket
maybe, is the honestmall like ebay or are there like set prices?
i've researched ecommerce and i got super confused. i just want to learn from somebody that speaks english instead of using business/computer terms
i really need help with this. i want to make an online store that doesn't cost that much to maintain, free if possible. i'd just want to have like a homepage, the page with all the merchandise, and then like a contact me page. i don't even care if its like all on one long page or something. check out some of my stuff: www.myspace.com/glameure
some TR's are made very poorly
they are a 27, aqua, i dunno i'm a bit iffy on the ebay thing, i'm gonna head over to neimans and ask if i can exchange them for like a pair of joeys or bobbys that are like 172 dollars cuz these fleece pants were 174 before they went on sale. i know they'll probably say no but it's worth asking for
i have the receipt, i took off all the tags but i still have them. ok before i called true religion i went to neimans and asked if i could return them and the lady was like sorry but these are a really old style so i can only return them for you and i'm like can you guys have another pair shipped? and she's like sorry its an old style. it might be an old style, but they still sell them on the true religion website so they probably do still make them. argg this is so...
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