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[quote="wespeakchic"] Quote: Originally Posted by trem0lo This guy was in the first season of 24! He played a shady drug dealer in an episode. When we first see him, he's giving a blowjob to another dude and gets interrupted by Jack Bauer's daughter. He ends up saving her ass but gets his own beat down in the process. Quote: wait, jude law was on 24? i think the guy just looked like jude law im positive it wasnt him
imageshack isnt working for me right now but jeremy piven. definitely one of the best dressed celebs
two diesel jackets howe pants four AA henleys three AA thermals two AA t shirts one AA polo one AA thermal lined hoodie two button down sohrt sleeve penguin shirts two express t shirts two john varvatos converse 12 pack corona =)
METS i love the mets
Quote: Originally Posted by monotreme Quote: Originally Posted by nate6986 buy them, wear them, return them ew... no wayy!.. remember the name of this forum... HONESTforum i love the flat version of these! but i'm afraid that these would get dirty if you are getting marc shoes, i would get a different color or fabric, so it's durable i LOVE MARC! get them! prom is only once! and you can wear them at...
i have two and they are very warm and comfortable, but you havr to size up. im 5'7 135 and i wear a medium
buy them, wear them, return them
pretty sure the 2nd pair is marc jacobs
i have a couple polos from h&m and ive had them for over a year they are still in perfect condition
diesel pasadena has them
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