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Check out Sophia's.. there's one on Whyte Ave as well as WEM High Grade, both downtown and WEM locations hmm can't think of any others at the moment... PS. OILERS ALL THE WAY!!!!!
Does anybody have these? If so, could you please tell me if they fit tts/big/small... and the rise measurement on your pair? (the measurements on Revolve are never really accurate) Thanks in advance!!
Any ladies out there have the Diesel Hush? Do all the washes fit small? I'm a sz 25 and had to size up to 26 in the store... but the ones I have my eye on right now are 25s... just wondering if i'll be able to squeeze into them! =P
Quote: Originally Posted by asiandiva Sure, big logo belt with jeans and a wife beater tank, my kind of mne.....NOT!!! Seriously I have problems with guys wearing belt with a huge logo. If that's not ghetto, I don't know what is. ha ha so true! nothing screams label whore more than a guy with an UGLY belt with a HUGE gaudy logo front and center!
was that suppose to be sarcastic... ? and Dsquared! The others are kinda played out, IMO hmm unless you don't like that whole western look... then I'd say D&G
Oh I forgot to mention the ones I want on Revolve are sold out of 26 grrr... maybe I'll just wait
Okay guys, I was at the mall today and tried on a pair of TR Joey Stretch in Dark Vintage and I fit a size 26 PERFECTLY... and I'm normally a 25 in TR. So do the stretch Joeys run smaller??? Unless... *gasp* I got fatter If I order a 25 off Revolve (it's way cheaper than buying in Canada) do you think they might be too tight??
Yup like what mizzboxy said, I think they're suppose to fit loose and baggy and should sit right on your hips so you'd probably be safe with either a small or a medium. I just ordered a pair myself and got xs and I wear 25.
Quote: Originally Posted by mdg1976 Quote: LOL Check out the models on Revolve Razz no pics of moi! Link please. I can't seem to find them. http://www.revolveclothing.com/brand... C3DB9AE8D665 Ahhh! I want the cargo shorts!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by mdg1976 pics, please! LOL Check out the models on Revolve :P no pics of moi! Quote: Originally Posted by candies121 Sxxy do u know Calgary well?? It's a new store in Garrison woods. IT just opened and it has amazing prices. Its basically a strictly denim store and has lots of different brands . Dont remember what its called but they didnt have the size that I needed in these I'm...
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