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YSL mcsteamy or mcdreamy?
h&m love or lust?
just read this review today...thought of this thread, DeLush
Quote: Originally Posted by MISSPOOKIE Believe it or not, your pillow can be the root of all evil breakouts! If you have oily skin or use a lot of hair products such as hairspray, gel etc and sleep in it night after night, it builds up on your pillow, and even if you change your sheets regularly, a week without washing them can promote the break out. Try flipping and rotating pillow sides, or if you're busy, just change your pillow cases every couple...
i currently use proactiv and i really like it. the thing about it is you have to use it consistently...if you aren't good at sticking to a skin care regimen morning & night, you will continue to break out. you should give it a try though, it has worked well for me and like canadiankla said, you can get your money back if you don't see results. good luck, i know how frustrating stress-induced breakouts can be.
i used to take the body pump classes (back when i wasn't lazy!) and LOVED them. i always got tricked though bc it never felt too tough during the class but boy was i sore afterwards. i should join back up with the gym...
if neither of those work out for you, definitely try lancome. they have a wide range of colors and i just love their products. (particularly eye shadow, waterproof eyeliner & juicy tubes!)
a good friend of mine who took accutane carried a small tube or pot of vaseline EVERYWHERE with her...she swore by the stuff.
bobbi brown spring 2007 look - VIOLET. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics ::Eyes i am in love with all of these shades...i usually don't like palettes but i might have to splurge on this one!
calvin klein euphoria (my current fave) or ralph by ralph lauren (my all-time favorite)
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