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I'm tempted to pick up the thavar 802k. Thats a non USA release so it's pretty rare only a couple dept stores had it and for $135 it's a steal. I'll wait for one more markdown before I pull the trigger.
Picked up shioner 816h yesterday. Size up 1 or maybe even 2 they are really stiff! Didn't like the new tepphar special edition. Lots of new great washes but only fits too baggy for me. Ie walked, iakop, belther safado etc
DIESEL FRIENDS AND FAMILY SALE. 30% OFF EVERYTHING EXCEPT shades, timeframes, fragrance, headphones, helmets. Today-Sunday   just mention it...     time to pick up some new thavar's!!     this is for USA
Diesel friends and family private sale this weekend 30% most items w usual exclusions Just mention it at checkout fri-sun
what size? i got mine about  months ago and they only had a couple random pairs, like a waist 26 and one 30... so probably gone by now... however new jogg jeans come out mid to late january... ps i sized down as they run really big.
thavar is coming out in the USA in 4-5 washes... 8x2 which is already out then 8aa and some others for ss2011 in january   my tepphars after 2 months of wear look nothing like they did when i got them... they are very light now... ill try to post pics later if my camera is working.   all of the new thanaz washes are pretty sick its ridiculous that we wont get them in the USA besides 74k :(
Ya it's a carrot fit I don't know how that wash runs though I have the 8y9s
They are 29x30 trying to decide if I should keep. Figure on bay probably worth like 150ish
found a pair of adi-thanaz 8aa for 39.98 at adidas outlet yesterday. are these as sought after as regular thanaz 8aa?
the leg openeing is smaller than thanaz however the back pockets being larger and the thighs have more room IMO... ive been wearing my raw tepphars for just over a month and my thanaz still feel slimmer except for the fact that the leg opening is so small that they are hard to take off.
New Posts  All Forums: