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Hello guys,    I am Petar, and I have a problem. It all started when I tried on a pair of Diesels...
This is a pair of Diesel Safado-A trousers in size 32 which I have worn a total of one time. The waist is a true 32, and so is the inseam. I am not sure you can see this from the pictures, but they are still shiny and starchy. The model has been sold out everywhere long ago. This is your chance to get a pair at a fraction of the cost. 
I personally find them cool! I don't think they've been dyed. If they were, you'd have discoloration on the white stitches and labels.
First-time poster here, guys… Please, forgive, if this has been addressed in another thread. Search hard as I did, I couldn't find anything...   I just got a pair of Safado-As, which, by all indications, should be legit. And yet, they are missing the Indian head tag. I know that this is the chief mark of authenticity for Diesel jeans, but… Is it possible that trousers that are not actually JEANS, like the Safado-A, are manufactured without the tag?
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