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KanjiMobile Demo | Instinct-Software.com Try it out if you have a Samsung Instinct
Other than the last two - three pictures (WAAAAAAAAY too red), I loved the house. It doesn't have any gold toilets, random statues and wild animal prints to qualify as tacky IMO.
wow. thats low.
LMAO hilarious!
Hope he dies of a slow and painful death.
hahahaha 3rd rock from the sun...funny show
I find myself leaving the same amount of tips as I would dining in....since I worked in the industry before and had to tip out and don't want the server having to pay for my meals... BUT...if a server was to whine and bitch about serving...then f**king get a non-service job...so sick and tired of servers with attitudes...like wtf...way to ruin my nights...
Hi guys, I might need an address in the US for shipping a pair of boots that I have my eyes on on eBay...it's not for sure yet but I really want them..........but the seller does NOT ship to Canada...so Please PM me if you could help!!! TIA!! Alice
Quote: Originally Posted by *Tee* 7Kid, i can really picture you in those gorgeous coochie glasses, with that tie and my famous poofy pose. LOL you are way too cute!
I know everyone here has awesome fashion sense. Just wondering if anyone either have someone custom make, or make your own clothes! I am thinking for making my own work outfits since I am very into the whole pencil dress, galaxy dress, and everything that will hug a girl's curves.......so before I go out a buy a sewing machine...would love to hear from my dearest HFers who make their own clothes and get some tips on what to look out for PS. Here's sth i am crazy...
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