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They all look perfect on you. I especially love the triple's!
real.. but not sure about the wash. ER maybe?
first ones are real. second ones look good to me, but i would like to see closer pics of back pockets. and the last ones are nasty fakes!
^ ohh thank you i don't know why it doesnt work anymore.. it used to work w/o any problem before
Hmm. I uploaded the pics, but they're not showing on my computer..
Antolette was willing to pick a pair of crowns for me (Of course, I paid her the rest of the amount ) They are gorgeous! Thank you so much again, Antolette! You are awesome
^I know! It was hella hot today.. What's going on? LOL BTW, Antolette, I especially love those Vortex Beauty Blue on you and definitely keep the jacket for later.. or just because you look really cute in it liliebugz - those Demure Law are TDF
i know this is wrong section, but since TR section is.. yeah anyways, this is the buyer who negged me for not accepting the returns after 2 weeks. he is selling FAKES! TRUE RELIGION JOEY BIG T~MENS~RARE TWISTED LEG 32x34 - eBay (item 220313566212 end time Nov-23-08 13:41:03 PST) link to report : http://contact.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI...xpirationDate=
2" too short for my lil brother
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