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Krooley 606F and Tepphar 827j
I know it's not Diesel but I'm so pumped Nudie re released this wallet. Just like the V2 and V3 except it has a rope chain, which I actually like better. Love it!
@karacho nice wash what is it!? Tepphar 881W today ..
Just got Krooley 8x1 for $65 on eBay!! Pics when I receive
@daaan will do, sir!
Thanaz 8iw for $16...hole in back but easy fix by my tailor such a steal
Looking to sell or trade these two pairs..i am far more attached to the 881w. the 881W are NWOT, the 824b I wore a few times, but never out of the house.   Right now, here is my wish list if you have something then we can talk!   Krooley 8x1 27x30 Thavar 811P 27 or 28x30 Thavar 28x30 (open to washes) Shioner 880w 27x30 Krooley 880w 27x30 Krooley Jogg 28 (open to washes)   Thanks!
Tepphar 824B    
Tepphar 824B ... Got a steal on Cultizm w/ coupons and they actually did not charge me any customs :)        
Thavar 8QU light Grey..perfect grey jeans IMO
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