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Bump .. Still looking for krooley jogg size 26 or 28! Pm me
i'm okay, but i would give them to you for 160 shipped to HK   let me know
Willing to put these towards a trade, or sell straight up. Free shipping in USA. Have a small stain, definitely will wash out - I just didn't want to wash them. Run TTS   Thanks! 
Have these on eBay for 160+ shipping. Will do 160, free shipping within US for DB members :) Also interested in trades! Nudie jeans, Thavar, Tepphar, KROOLEY JOGG .. all wanted!    Wore these about 3-4 times, never washed.    Thanks! 
Great find at Marshall's for $70USD THAVAR 810W
Thanks all! Yes, 606F and got them for a steal today, just got these tepphar 8Y9 and plan on wearing them to work everyday. I'll keep you all posted on the progress...I work a very physically demanding job, so the fading should be interesting. My nudies were fading in a month .. Just have to wait and see
Krooley jogg today
Tepphar 827J
Krooley 606F and Tepphar 827j
I know it's not Diesel but I'm so pumped Nudie re released this wallet. Just like the V2 and V3 except it has a rope chain, which I actually like better. Love it!
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