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Thanks for the heads up! I do have a MEC around my area but never really thought about checking it out! To be quite honest though, I would like a jacket that still looks nice and fashionable. My problem is I find most skii jackets or insulated jackets aren't very good looking. At the moment I'm thinking of the North Face M McMurdo Parka, but it's rather EXPENSIVE... The North Face - Gear - Men's -> Jackets & Vests -> Insulated / M McMurdo Parka
Hey everyone, I'm looking for a winter jacket and would like your help in terms of suggestions! I live in Canada and deal with -30C (-22 F), and would prefer something that is NOT puffy (down filled). If you could post suggestions with pictures it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
mustaine what did you use to ship your parcel with?
Apparently Renzo Rossi and Victoria Beckham put their heads together to create this new pair of jeans. http://cgi.ebay.ca/Auth-DIESEL-Denim...QQcmdZViewItem Does anyone else find this pair absolutely amazing! lol It has an older Diesel patch with a newer Diesel tag! How do people come up with this stuff??
Hi, I've recent fell in love with the RL Big Pony Polo's but I was wondering if there is a way to tell if they are authentic or not? Here is an example: http://cgi.ebay.ca/RALPH-LAUREN-BIG-... cmdZViewItem it looks pretty authentic just by the detail in the stitching and such, but this seller seems to also sell questionable items. Anyways if anyone knows your help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Matt
cool thanks for the insight, much appreciated!
I have a question...I was wondering if paddom 88z were actually raw demin/selvage jeans? If any knows could you please enlighten me. Thanks, Matt
real or fake people? thanks in advance (picture of tag is an attachment)
I just went to the mall today and went to hem some of my jeans to shorts lol 3/4 length tho...i've never looked good in knee high shorts...but yea, i think i'll probably still wear jeans more often than shorts in the summer
Hey everyone, I just have a question. Do you guys wear shorts in the summer or do you still wear jeans? I typically wear jeans, but it's been getting so hot lately i'm thinking of making a transition to shorts, but to be honest I've never really liked the look of shorts. Does anyone know of any nice styles/brands for shorts to help me with my woes? If so could you please post pix plz. Thanks!
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