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Quote: Originally Posted by Evil-Dante Yeah especially with the eurorating How luppy fits ? I take small in jacket and medium on sweater, knit... With what size should I go ? My Luppy fits very tight on me It`s much tigher than other diesel leather jacket I usually wear Small in diesel jacket Refer to actual measuerments @ JJ IMO I recommend you to go Medium If you want & love super tight look ,,, go for Small but It`s only...
Quote: Originally Posted by Evil-Dante Nice, I have to think about it Go for it , Evil-Dante It`s a MOST beutiful leather jacket I have Also it fits very well to me ... If you apply code , The price would be $445.5 plus free shipping... I think it`s a good price ( Small or Medium size ) ,,, originally , Luppy was $550 ?
they have S , M , L , XL the price is $495 ...
Diesel LUPPY BLACK at JJ Denim - Free Shipping! I think it`s a COOL jacket in fall... Diesel outlet also carries Luppy?
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder and 71g doesn't really stretch a whole lot imo. agreed ! until now... I can`t button 71g onijo up
DIESEL JEANS - Thanaz 89S / Size 30,31,32,33 - eBay (item 300243905255 end time Jul-28-08 10:06:24 PDT) the picture looks so familiar ... DUKE ryan`s pics stollen? ...haha
Quote: Originally Posted by kubie all rite. someone says these washes that will stretch out a lot. wear and wash them. Hi , kubie due to the problem of stretchness ,,, I had to sell 8bg slammer
IMO ... 8bg
DIESEL Women - Denim - Jeans DIESEL on YOOX OMG!!! LOOK at these ... 71J timmen
As for the Liroy - Yeah, the black is alright, but gray is something different altogether. Black is sota like "Ay! I'm the Fonz' of the future. Sit on it!" and the gray one is less edgy and something you could wear with all sorts of outfits - less greaser more fashion wonk. I have a few black jackets already, but heck, I can't complain about the price. Plus - you sorta feel like "you win" when you take the last one in stock![/quote] agreed ,,, and I also love grey...
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