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I bought a pair of R&R from these sellers on ebay, do they sell authentic? Thanks   http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d183/pinkgsxr750/29%20May%202010/RR%20Berlin%20Clear%20Crystal%20Vato/IMG_4084.jpg
thank you.
  I bought these jeans from Ebay, but are a little too big, so I want to sell them if they are authentic. Thanks.  
Hi guys, haven't bought a pair of R&R for a while. Can anyone tell me if these skinny's are real or not? Thanks.   http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280546684743&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
I just have a couple of questions regarding the Peggy design. Firstly are they still being made and sold in stores? (I'm in Australia) I bought a pair a couple of years ago in 29 but they never really fit properly, bit small. So I've just starting looking for a pair in 30, but am only finding fakes to my knowledge. The ones listed on ebay are 98% cotton & 2% spandex/ 35 inch inseam, whereas my jeans are 100% cotton and 36 inch inseam. My other Tavernitis are either 100%...
Sweet, I was worried that they weren't because there were no bids on them. Can't wait to get them
Hi Guys, haven't bought myself a new pair of R&R for a while so I'm not quite up to date with my fakes in the new designs. Bid on these on Ebay and just wanted to know if they are authentic. Thanks. NEW $290 Rock & Republic Stroke Silver Jeans RARE 30 - eBay, Jeans, Women's Clothing, Clothing, Shoes Accessories. (end time 21-Apr-09 11:05:11 AEST)
Thanks for your input guys.
I really want a pair of jet black jeans, NOT SKINNY, and preferably the raven wash R&R's. I can't seem to find any at the moment that aren't a skinny cut. But I'm willing to go with another brand if the inseam is 35", most seem to be 34", in a size 29 or 30. If anyone has any recommendations for jeans I would be really appreciate it. Thanks.
Just had a look in HM and all the Scorpions listed have the black R&R on the inside as well.
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