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Thanks for your offer friend but my size is 33w
Hello guys im looking for thavar 0827w in 33w 32l can someone gey it at good price ? I live in Greece
Hello friends I'm looking for a pair of diesel thavar 0827w and I was wondering if someone of you has it new . Waitng for your offers
I'm selling this g star shirt because it doesn't fits me well It's new with tags .I purchased it from from official retailer in Germany invoice is included . Please don't hesitate to ask me about anything 60 € without shipping Please send me a PM to inform you about shipping rates
Can anyone let me know if he could find diesel plain t shirts such as t chirppo and t gaston at low price ? Also interested in some shorts
Hey is anyone still interested in this watch ? let me know with your offers
Hello everyone ! I m selling this original new diesel product ,because it finally doesn't suit me. I purchased some days before from an ebay seller but I thought that the size would be ok but it's not .Boots are brand new in their box and never worn .all diesel tags included Selling price 100€ Please dont hesitate to ask me for shipping quotes or anything else The item will be listed on ebay auction soon ,so keep an eye on it ,if interested
Tell me a price which is comfortable for you Here is the greek store I found it : http://www.rologia.com.gr/DIESEL-Chronograph-Brown-Leather-Strap-DZ4273.html
Hi guys ! This watch either the brown or the black is out of stock and propably will not be restocked ..i can find it on greek online shops for 237€ brand new , I have one in stock brand new with tags and sell it around 50€ cheaper than the retail price here in Greece .Is anyone still intersted ? I will probably list it on ebay ,but for 205€ ,the 15€ extra is the ebay fees. Thanks for letting me know ..
Hello coldsteel , I can find one for 190 euros ,let me know if you are interested
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