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these are diesel boots.  they are called cassidy.  They just wore these down a lot, so they wouldn't look brand new.
I am not at work today, but that is a very good depiciton of what it looks like in real life.  Real life pics of it were already posted earlier in this thread.
northpark mall in dallas, tx
Heads up! Thavar 829b just arrived at my store! So far, we have only received 34 length, but I know the other lengths will arrive soon.
there is a new light blue wash, similar to the 8mx, but it's not a stretch fit.  It's already in my store for sale.
Trust me, people will buy this jean, and wear it proudly.  The same guys that are paying $300 for a givenchy t-shirt with the virgin mary on it, or whatever.
Good idea.  I will for sure upload some!
Lol he probably doesn't want to order them from Estonia, or wherever that company was located that you linked him to lol.
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