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IMO the lavendar crowns are kinda greyish.....like theres a tint of grey..its not bright
O M F G!!!! u must be rich lol =) N I C E
dark vapor!
heyyy i go to UC DAVIS TOOO lol! and i got a juicy hoodie in the hitch color too hahha
does anyone know the waist measurements for these jeans in size 25?
yayyy i bought them =)
help me find a size 25 RUCKUS KIEDIS...ppllleaasseeee and i will <3 u forever lol thanks =)
1650 on a chanel..and im gonna buy the matchin wallet 600
i have some cute true religions for sale but not for 30...they are new but i want like 160 for them...u can pm me if your interested
if the seller bought it on nordstroms.com....the jeans dont come with a tag...just the rock and republic removable tag....so maybe they got it online?
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