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Lee Rider Shirt Selected Tee Tepphar 881w Levis Savage 2 Boots
I was in diesel store of düsseldorf yesterday, they had sleenker 824z, but did not Look at the price tag, Sry!
Looks like tepphar, but which wash is it?
I am 1.85 cm high, and wear W30 L32 in Diesel tepphars and they fit perfectly. I have one slimpar in W31 L32, and one jeto in the same size, which are quite short in my opinion. If i were you, i definetly would take L34!! In the waist it is hard to say. The washes differs a lot, like Diesel do.
Tepphar 880r
Authentic and it is not another color.
Same here
Nice Outfit @phukette! Would you tell me what shoes that are?
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