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nice :)
I love the tigh high boots from the celine winter collection!
Sadly I have no foto's. I'm wearing a long grey blouse with a small belt, black denim and black loafers
It happens to me a lot that the colour doesn't match with the colour on the image and the lenght. But I've been a fan of Levi's jeans for years and now I know exactly my size. So most of the time the size is right when I buy jeans online. And for the webshop where I usually purchase my jeans I almost always find discount codes online on this site - also for free shipping so when I have to send everything back, it won't cost me anything. I actually never order anything...
only like the heels, but the rest is nay
I love the second one! Especially with some high basic heels :)
Hello,   I'm Caralyn, 26 years old and from Liverpool. I've always been a denim fan, 90% of the time I wear denim jeans. I also have a big collection of denim jackets :). Didn't know that there was a forum about denim, but I'm very happy I found it!   Caralyn
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