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Nice and simple, i like it.
 They usually give 15%-20% depending on the country after the half of the february month (this is my knowledge after making myself a promotion/sale chart for S.U.A. and Romania)
 They are Panthlap http://store.diesel.com/gb/diesel/pants_cod36293818lg.html
You are welcome, broer !  
They look fantastic ! Are they stretch fabric , what % elastane ?
Nice style and wonderful colours on that sweater.
yoox has extra 20% OFF with code : YOOXMAS
602M , don`t know why but i couldn`t find any other fit pictures of them here, maybe not a popular wash ? I really liked the camouflage pattern and heard that the print was laser made (still can`t figure out why the colour washed out in water - well...could be the fact that this is my first hand washed pair of jeans, the other non-diesel pairs were washed in the machine).
Hey guys, haven`t posted in a long time, here are my camouflage outfits i enjoy wearing the most. All Diesel pieces from top to bottom. 1st picture are Narrots 811A.  Do you thing my tepphars are starting to look loose ? (especially in 3rd picture with all the shadows the sun is making on them). They feel really comfortable this way though. i hesitate on washing them as the first (and only) time i hand washed them in luke warm water a lot of dark colour passed from the...
http://store.diesel.com/gb/diesel/regular-slim-carrot_cod42331813vt.html 300 pounds Hey guys found these jeans, they look like 888P wash but i don`t know if they are fake or not, it`s sure they are neither thavar nor braddom cut, the back pockets look like narrot but the front doesnt look like narrot, also the blue rivet from the right pocket is missing, and the inner tag is also strange. They are pretty cheap, like 30 euros, used condition. Any ideas ?    EDIT:Ohh, i...
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