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 Thank you for the tip , i just installed the yoox app and it grants free shipping (while "half standard shipping" at the moment when buying from non-mobile platform). Not buying anything at the moment but it`s worth knowing the possibility as sometimes i`d want to get just 1 item and the shipping would add extra unnecessary costs. Cheers.
Finally, romanian online store sale is lining up with the other countries (usually was going 1-2 weeks later than others), also this year yoox (RO) introduced free shipping , things are going pretty well  
I`ve been meaning to ask you, do the suede basket butch also come distressed at the toe cap like the other classic leather basket butch? (at least it seems that they do on your pictures). Here are mine : 
 Hope i`m not too late (you`ve probably already placed the order). I have the J-Marcus blazer in size S, and the exact measurements are as follows: chest pit-to-pit 20" (51cm) / shoulders 16,5" (42cm) / collar to rear bottom : 26,5" (67,5cm) / sleeve length : 25" (63,6cm)I am 6"1' (1,82m) and the all around chest size is 37" (94cm)  The blazer is fitting me more like a regular than a slim. Here are the pictures :     P.S. Isn`t size 48 like an M in italian size?
You are right, they come in black and white colour , and also in low cut https://www.ssense.com/en-ca/men/product/diesel/black-leather-d-asmik-sneakers/1111803 . I wonder how stiff the leather is on them as it seems pretty thick, too bad most of the times Diesel has a very rigid cushioning at the heel of their shoes, i practically wounded my heel with the Invasion Top shoes which had the heel wall hard like a rock with no cushion at all. I`m facing the same problem with...
Heya guys! Trying denim on denim for the first time, the weather is still cold here for this time of the year so i was having like 2 more layers underneath the jacket. I`m so glad i didn`t sell the jogg jeans jacket because i was one step close to do it, but then i got the Basket Butch boots and i think they go pretty much well togheter. I still can`t belive that after twenty-some times i wore the 817H ,  i can finally say they broke-in at the knee area and i can...
Forgive my ignorance, what year is the 8sv wash from ? I have on my computer a darron 8sv picture saved back in 2009 from asos.com , is that the year it was launched ?
My father "made" me look at some videos while he was searching for hunting spear-tip knives , and i kinda liked the videos and when i made the forum user i just thought about it, but i`m not collecting anything knives related :) Yes, it kinda bothers me , so if i get the chance i`ll change it with an S, hope that beside being shorter it will also be narrower at the elbows. Anyway, I`m trying to match the jacket with these high tops, hope i receive them soon as i used a...
Yes, the famous Shioner 817H   well, in that picture the colours are a bit over saturated , they are more like this in reality, camera phone meh..  About the leather jacket, i don`t know...it just seems to me that it stacks too much on front and back of the elbow, maybe the leather will soften a little bit i`m not sure. Anyway, this is my first Diesel leather jacket, do you guys know if the chest size differs only a little between sizes S,M,L ? i`m saying this because i`ve...
           Hi everyone. Preparing for springtime, although i think this jacket is a little too long/baggy. It`s size M, should i go with S ?
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