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 This is all i could find deep burried on my hard disk: the hat is from spring-summer 2012 collection, and goes by the name Cover-Service , price and other details in the following screenshot :      And some outfits from 2012 sporting this hat :    Most probably you won`t find it in any store , and even on ebay (which i just checked) , would be hard to find it, and probably just by the name "diesel hat" or "diesel stripe hat" because the people who could sell it won`t have...
Thanks Levislad, i think you`ve meant that they don`t look too loose, but i got your point As for the curls i`m afraid that it would be stitching related but will see about it. Can anyone remember what was the retail price on them ? Here`s Shioner 810M :    Haven`t tried all Diesel cuts so far, but it seems Shioner fits my body type pretty well. Only have this and 817H though
Thavar 8880M W29/L32 :             I`ve read that it stretches because of lyocell , should i size one down ? This is the first Thavar (out of three : 811P and 807C) that isn`t so tight at the knees and is not that huge on the waist. But it seems my pair has a glitch at the pocket with the logo, the denim is curled up and it looks odd , though i`ve seen something similar in other pictures as well, is this made on purpose or something ? This is a picture i found on...
I perfectly get your point, nicely explained thank you. Still , i`m really into that t-shirt and i want to be able to wear it somehow with a piece the same tone colour. I`ve seen on diesel site they were advertising their "Exposure I" sneakers , but i nowhere can find the orange/kachi one :       If anyone have seen them anywhere please let me know.
I guess you are right, not everyone here has a good internet connection , so probably will load slower for some folks but i`d like to think that this it`s not a severe problem.
Thank you for your thoughts. Is it about the dress shoes that are too much , the overall outfit being more sporty ?  At the moment i don`t have anything that could work instead of those shoes, but i was thinking of getting these, would it work better than the brown dress shoes ? : 
Hi everyone, i`m not actually wearing this yet, as i`m still trying to decide what to keep and what to not keep, so any thoughts from you guys would help me big time.     More details and pictures here : http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/199589/some-fit-pics-on-a-several-diesel-jeans-would-love-some-advices/50#post_1797857
Hello Phukette, thanks for the heads-up. I usually post many pictures and i thought it would be more clean to post them in this thread. If that`s ok, i`m also going to post on the "what diesel are you wearing today" thread 1 or 2 pictures and redirect people here if they want to see more details.
Hey guys, i`m back with some new crazy stuff  ! I really need some advices on the following matter, any opinion is welcomed : I`m trying to pull off this outfit as i really like how the colours go togheter but i kinda hold back about how well are the pieces mixing together style-wise. It`s a new style i`m trying so i hope you guys can help me get on the right direction.  (the jeans are Narrot 811A)             The shoes will have laces the exact neon orange colour as...
Nice job Straychev, the Thanaz is 816L , from the fall-winter 2013 collection, i have fit pictures in my thread if anyone interested. I`m wondering what wash is that nice dark blue Tepphar ?
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