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Here are mines, bought from the first link (L34), and in reality colour-wise they are somewhere between the two from yoox (L34 and L30), so they must be the same wash anyway.  The L30 looked very nice with that bright blue so i was considering to purchase them, but if they look different because the light, then i`m not anymore.  
Hi, is this http://www.yoox.com/ro/42370444TP/item?dept=#sts=dreambox80&cod10=42370444TP&sizeId=  a different wash from the Shioner 810M here : http://www.yoox.com/ro/42342788BF/item?dept=#sts=orders80&cod10=42342788BF&sizeId=  ?  They look very similar, just the blue colour is different.
Hi guys, could you please tell me if i have  this Lounge sneakers in size 10.5 US / 44 EUR ,     should i pick the same size on these as well ? (they are High Speed Absolute) :   I should say that i`m usually 10 US / 43 EUR on dress shoes and other sneakers (exposure, high top) but the Lounge sneakers would fit me very tight so i needed to size up 1.  What about the High Speed Absolute ?   Thanks for any thoughts.
 This is all i could find deep burried on my hard disk: the hat is from spring-summer 2012 collection, and goes by the name Cover-Service , price and other details in the following screenshot :      And some outfits from 2012 sporting this hat :    Most probably you won`t find it in any store , and even on ebay (which i just checked) , would be hard to find it, and probably just by the name "diesel hat" or "diesel stripe hat" because the people who could sell it won`t have...
Thanks Levislad, i think you`ve meant that they don`t look too loose, but i got your point As for the curls i`m afraid that it would be stitching related but will see about it. Can anyone remember what was the retail price on them ? Here`s Shioner 810M :    Haven`t tried all Diesel cuts so far, but it seems Shioner fits my body type pretty well. Only have this and 817H though
Thavar 8880M W29/L32 :             I`ve read that it stretches because of lyocell , should i size one down ? This is the first Thavar (out of three : 811P and 807C) that isn`t so tight at the knees and is not that huge on the waist. But it seems my pair has a glitch at the pocket with the logo, the denim is curled up and it looks odd , though i`ve seen something similar in other pictures as well, is this made on purpose or something ? This is a picture i found on...
I perfectly get your point, nicely explained thank you. Still , i`m really into that t-shirt and i want to be able to wear it somehow with a piece the same tone colour. I`ve seen on diesel site they were advertising their "Exposure I" sneakers , but i nowhere can find the orange/kachi one :       If anyone have seen them anywhere please let me know.
I guess you are right, not everyone here has a good internet connection , so probably will load slower for some folks but i`d like to think that this it`s not a severe problem.
Thank you for your thoughts. Is it about the dress shoes that are too much , the overall outfit being more sporty ?  At the moment i don`t have anything that could work instead of those shoes, but i was thinking of getting these, would it work better than the brown dress shoes ? : 
Hi everyone, i`m not actually wearing this yet, as i`m still trying to decide what to keep and what to not keep, so any thoughts from you guys would help me big time.     More details and pictures here : http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/199589/some-fit-pics-on-a-several-diesel-jeans-would-love-some-advices/50#post_1797857
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