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Forgive my ignorance, what year is the 8sv wash from ? I have on my computer a darron 8sv picture saved back in 2009 from asos.com , is that the year it was launched ?
My father "made" me look at some videos while he was searching for hunting spear-tip knives , and i kinda liked the videos and when i made the forum user i just thought about it, but i`m not collecting anything knives related :) Yes, it kinda bothers me , so if i get the chance i`ll change it with an S, hope that beside being shorter it will also be narrower at the elbows. Anyway, I`m trying to match the jacket with these high tops, hope i receive them soon as i used a...
Yes, the famous Shioner 817H   well, in that picture the colours are a bit over saturated , they are more like this in reality, camera phone meh..  About the leather jacket, i don`t know...it just seems to me that it stacks too much on front and back of the elbow, maybe the leather will soften a little bit i`m not sure. Anyway, this is my first Diesel leather jacket, do you guys know if the chest size differs only a little between sizes S,M,L ? i`m saying this because i`ve...
           Hi everyone. Preparing for springtime, although i think this jacket is a little too long/baggy. It`s size M, should i go with S ?
Yes, i searched google some time ago for "ebay voucher code" , i can`t remember on what site (they are so many and most of them give codes that doesn`t work).  I had to give my email adress to receive the code, and i got a 10% which worked on a buy now pair of Diesel jeans, so i think it was a universal ebay code. Now all the available codes i`ve found are not valid, sadly. I have an ebay account for 2 years and never got any discount code from them, although i am...
Hey fellas, does anyone have any of those codes that gives you 10% (more or less) discount on ebay purchases ? I`m up to bid on a leather jacket tomorrow and would be nice to spare some bucks. See you guys around, anyway :)
Hey guys, any idea if that 829B was still available in size W28/L34 at the time the sale went on ? When i got there, they only had W30 and W36 , so i`m just wondering if i ever had a chance :)
I seriously can`t belive it !! 2 more days on the SALE and they are not giving any further reductions for Romania, only the 50%, very very dissapointing...  
Please check again the nr.3 link.  That`s for sure a Thanaz, it`s even written in description from yoox, also i`ve had that exact model.  Here`s the official picture of jeans: 
Thanaz 816L
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