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Please check again the nr.3 link.  That`s for sure a Thanaz, it`s even written in description from yoox, also i`ve had that exact model.  Here`s the official picture of jeans: 
Thanaz 816L
Only on a selection of items though...  
  Nicely said guys! I am aware that i won`t be able to pull the outfits off like the models do on runway, but i try to copy from the "best" as i don`t naturally have a great taste in creating cool styles/outfits (i`m not trying to be modest here, it`s just that i suck at combining clothes and in general i pretty much end trying to match the same colour in different pieces of clothing as it seems simpler, so Ardenim, i have to agree with you that i`m sometimes trying too...
Time to visit it then, and see for yourself if it comes closer to the dream you had
   Hey guys, thank you for all the insights. I really appreciate the straight answers, they help me a lot. And very nice encouraging words, Phukette  Now, as i see the general opinion is that a white V-neck t-shirt would fit better the outfit, to be honnest i don`t have a nice white t-shirt in my wardrobe (sucks i know) , as until now i was mostly dressing in black, and i haven`t yet found a nice t-shirt , would like a U-neck one than a V-neck , something like this , as...
Thanks, now i must get some of those invisible socks to wear with the shoes, i`m thinking of those Falke socks , they seem robust  Anyway, i see that the "boots and shoes" thread is kinda inactive so i`m asking you guys here as i really need to sort it out , have anyone of you seen these sneakers anywhere for sale , they were in an advertisement from Diesel , but i can`t find them anywhere online. The ones with orange colour at the heel :  Please, if you find them let me...
If you take a look 1-2 pages back in this thread, It seems Yoox is making codes available like monthly, sometimes even more frequently , but the last code was a week ago, so i guess you`ll have to wait a while for the next one .
I returned the 811P , remember ? Anyway, for the moment i`ll stick to the paper hat i already have as summer time will only be for a month or so.
It could be the goverment using remote-brain-washing technology to push us into liking things before we even get in touch with them
New Posts  All Forums: