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Thank you
Does krooley 886p have a button or zip fly? Looking at getting a pair on eBay and they all seem to have a zip fly. I thought all diesels had button flyshttp://m.ebay.com/itm/321335995916?nav=SEARCH does this seem authentic?
Agreed ^^
Im looking for wide width boots similar to doc martens that a lined with fur to wear. With a few pairs of diesel jeans I have. Can't find anything but medium width. Can anyone help me out ? Arch support is a plus to
Thanks guys. Joe worries me because he has so many of them. How does one person get that many jeans? Diesel told me they don't have any authorized distributors so if they claim that the product is most likely fake. But I trust you guys so thanks again
can anyone list some trusted sellers on ebay or people that youve worked with that provides authentic products? thanks
Fits true to size for me. Don't buy if you need arch support I can only wear mine for a couple hours before it hurts my feet. So worth it though
Looks fine. I just tried that cut on for the first time yesterday. What a nightmare. Could barley fit into them with my big thighs.
What cut is this ?
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