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Thanx everyone.. One more thing.. are diesels any way better then any other jeans as long as wash quality goes.. I have a few g stars and jack n jones.. If you ask me ill tell you jones drop their 3D effect very soon and g stars have a bit stronger hold on color n effects.. Where do diesels stand?
Hi everyone Well this is my second thread here. . And I know its not a right thing to do..just coming here to ask something ... but.. im in a big dilemma. I just bought diesel darron 824Y. My previous purchase was diesel darron 811v and that was my first diesel and it ws the best.. I read somewhere if you buy diesel once, you'll never buy everything else. SO TRUE..that I ended up buying my second and by far the best jeans ever ..not to forget most experience . . But its...
Well im pretty happy with this size. .. Yes you could size it down..but then it won't be that comfortable. . I hate to unbutton after my dinner
Thanx guys I really appreciate the help... Fit in time was just few minutes after lunges I TOTALLY LOVE THE FIT.. THANX GUYS..I WOULD HAVE ORDERED 32 or 33 otherwise... 31W was smart choice. Cheers XoX
Hello again.. I ordered d jeans 31.32. And its amazing..my first diesel..how ever its a bit tight on waist. Bout a half to inch... I just wonna ask.. will it loosen up after wash/ use ?
That was very helpful. .thanx a ton..will order now.. Any website suggestions where I can get at cheap rates
Thanx guys.. one more thing..about the fit, if i order 31w 32l in darron how slim does it fit? Personally I dont like skinny or to tight jeans... I prefer anti fit / in between regulat to skinny.. So is 31w going to be right choice?
Hi guys..I'm new to this blog.. Infect I've signed up because I have a question.. I'm from India and we don't get much of European brands here.. I WAS THINKING OF GETTING MY FIRST DIESEL JEANS AND I FINALISED ON GETTING DARRON 811v My question to all you jeans guru is what size should I order.. As buying online internationally has a limitation of returning it.. And I don't want to end up paying for jeans that don't fit.. I Usually wear 32*32 in Gstar tapered loose arc...
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