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i just got thanaz 73j and I think its original wash is gone.   it looks too light blue? perhaps, overall faded due to washing too many times.   I would like ask that I have not had new 73j before, but do they look light blue?   I tried to take pictures but the color in the pictures don't really show the color   when I look at them with my eyes.   I found similar color from google search     slightly lighter than above but overall...
thanks both of you.   the seller is selling version 1) And does not know if they have been ever washed or not. which is kinda sad. this pair is over priced if they have been washed. (440 USD) size is 27x30
hey thanks for your answer.   just for confirmation, do you mean that pic 1) is real?   picture 2) is from google image search. I am curious if 1) is fake or legit :)   the color of back pocket stitchings look different which made me think if 1) is fake
  Hi Aramis,   I editted them.
1) I found thanaz 73j on the net and think they're somehow spoiled or not authentic?        perhaps due to flash etc... the color of stitchings in 1) picture looks different   2) below is 73j from google image search      what do you think?   they're supposed to be the same model
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