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As I'm traveling for work right now, walking down around NJ and NYC I don't see many people with jeans as skinny as mine on a butt as round as mine.   Am I just too stylish or are we doing something wrong? :P
Hi guys, first time posting in this thread. Just bought a new pair of Thavar 803U, is the fit right?       The leg opening is really tight too, is it stacking OK or too much? You can see most of my Converse' heel (The hem is like 2.5 or 3 inches above the ground)
I'll get them hemmed. Because they are the TurboDenim, they are completely raw. Hemming them will be easy because I don't have to keep the original hem unlike with most Diesels where the original hem has a strong characteristic to it.   About the waist, I'm 32 in all my Diesels (1 Safado, 1 Larkee, 2 Thavar and 1 Koolter. This Tepphar is no different...
I'm 1.81 m / 5.9" as well but this pair's length is x34. I'll wait for more replies and see what others think. Thanks for your opinion. :)
The pants are pretty tight on me, it's just the angle. I'm not worried about the fit, only the stacking. But since the Tepphar is a Slim + Carrot I guess it stacks quite nicely.
I just bought 3 pairs of Diesels (Thavar, Tepphar and Koolter). 2 of them are a size too long.      So... Should I hem them? Or is this type of stacking is OK? This particular one I'm wearing is the TurboDenim variant, I plan to wear it for 2-3 weeks before washing it for the first time.
Mine are the 0885B_STRETCH. Completely different from anything else I managed to find online.   How common is it for Diesel to make these stretchy versions with the elastane/bamboo/polyester? And how comfortable do you people find 100% cotton skinny jeans?
What do all these numbers mean? And how can I know which model of Thavar I own?    I really love the specific pair that I have, the label says it's 71% cotton, 25% polyester, 2% elastane and 2% bamboo. This really makes skinny jeans a lot more comfortable and I'd prefer to buy a few more if only I knew which ones to get.
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