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thank u
I wear 29x32 on a Farco 70L...should I get a 28 here???
stupid question: what the heck is BBO or 880?? Since I`m asking stupid questions, here is another one...what is imo??? ehehehe...sorry, foreign guy here!!
Some other day I saw a dude here post something about buying a rame. I noticed it was a girls style and someone here at the forum told me that a lot of guys rock girls jeans. I got curious. If I wear 29 waist for Zathans/Farco and 28 for Yarik, what waist size should I look for in Rames?? Thanks people!
I've bought 2 jeans from italiandepot. They never got to me. Had to file a complaint with Ebay and a claim with paypal to get my money back. That seller really pissed me off.
Quote: Originally Posted by LNHS2k7 Yeah, Sevens are pretty boring and they dont really have any that are low rise. I would recommend soem True Religions. Joey, Bobby, and Billy (different cuts of True Religion) all have low rises. What washes do you like of Diesel? I can tell you what you might like in True Religion... Dude, thanks. I really like zaf (I actually professionaly altered my 796 zaf and its soooo sweet now! tight and low rise),...
Quote: Originally Posted by JCaelum i have a pair of womens SFAM flares, hav2 wash, fit almost identical to my zathans...i have some other flares in other washes and they are a little tighter (also the rise on womens jeans is always lower) Hey JCaelum, what exact model/wash is a little tighter than the SFAM flare that is comparable to a zathan? By the way, in which ways it`s comparable to zathans? Thanks
They are fankers 796....great jeans....I have this denim...bought in 2000 in SanFran buy the way, if you want it, I can sell it to you...Fankers 796 30x30
ok...as a suggestions, If I really like the way my Farco and Zathans fit me, what woyuld be a good Seven/TR jeans compared to those 2 styles mentioned above? I just wanna try some other styles...lets see...
cool....and how do u know the jeans on the link above is a 82n? by the way, I like low-rise jeans lke zathans (i have 772,82H,710) and Farco(70L) and Yarik (70M, 70E)...I like them tight and low...would this rame fit good? What wais size to get if I`m a W29 on zathans and Farcos?
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