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italy was robbed on the 2002 WC...so my guess is FIFA wanted to even things out....too bad for Australia. But still, they did not deserve to win...neither of them did actually....like I said, I think the game shouldave been decided on pk`s. BTW, I just saw on TV a spiritual guru forseen that Brasil will not get the sixth championship. Honestly, as much I like my team, I have that feeling too. We do have the best players, but our dumbass coach wont position them...
hey bombon, 2 things: 1- looking good on that nite out with the girls!!! 2- Germany????????? I mean, a rematch would be cool, but man, those guys play like a bunch of robots!!
Quote: Originally Posted by compulsiveshopper314 Mine too ~ and all of my User CP options are at the top. funny...suddently I started having problems when openning HF with IE....it kept shutting down whenever Itried to get in the WC 2006 thread. Then I installed Firefox and it worked....that was before I went to work...I just got back and this started to happen...all my CP are at the top! same problem as compulsiveshopper and lauriebell
Wheres mine too??
(me, drinking a very nice and cold bottle of Stella Artois...) Guys....u have to remember that in the 2002 WC Italy got booted out of the tournament because of 2 or 3 really messed up referree blunders. I really, really think FIFA wanted to make up for that. Imagine Italy getting the boot from South Korea in 2002 and Australia in 2006. It would not look good. That game shouldave been decided on PK`s...as much as I hate them. Tomorrow my team will play. Lets see. ...
I`m impressed bombon.....a hot girl that understands football?? Does that classify as perfection?? OMG!! Anyway, costinha wont be really missed...Tiago is a better midfilder than him. As for Deco, yes, he will surely be missed as C. Ronaldo, if he doesnt play. But still, its gonna be a fun match to watch. And I really want portugal to win it....its annoying the way england is playing, Now, Germany`s game is way too mechanical. No improvisation, no creativity. They...
liked the avatar, huh?? ehehehehe I would have to agrree with everything you wrote, except the part that England is at an advantage in their game. If Portugal plays with their heart on their feet, like they did today, its gonna be a tough one.
and BTW....bombon is very, very hot.......sorry, couldnt help myself!!
Yes........let it come!! Final...Brasil vs Argentina Thats where my money is. And that will be one (if not the) of the best finals ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by dra shot of tequila and a beer is a pretty good hangover cure. just helps even things out. hahaha....pretty damn right though!! In brasil we have this saying (evite a ressaca, mantenha-se bebado)...which translates to "Avoid the hang over, keep yourself drunk" Anyway, whenever I get a hang over, I drink lots of gatorade and pitanga juice (pitanga is a little fruit with 3 times more vitamin C than an orange). ...
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