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those are an older Viker model that is still available in stores albeit in limited supply... right now Diesel.com only has the 885k and 88z models in stock and as soon as those sell out Viker fans will be forced to either adjust to the tapered Waykees or the very loose Larkees (which look like theyre being phased out too)... or do what Im doing and find another company that makes a true straight leg jean (AG, Joe's, etc.). As Ive said numerous times before, Im not a big...
vikers are more of a true straight leg... the waykee tapers in a bit at the ankle... dont love the waykees, but thats what has replaced the viker so i guess we all have to get used to it
Only two Bikers washes are being sold now... the end is near. 
Diesel should probably consider hiring someone who knows their cuts to monitor their FB page. 
Agree to disagree... I love the way vikers fit. i don't like the way larkees fit. Larkees are too loose in legs (esp thigh area) and - as even you would agree - their back pockets are slightly lower, making the jeans akward to wear with a shirt tucked in. Vikers are/were the only true straight leg jean made by Diesel.  
Agreed -- Vikers and Safados are nothing alike... Safados are much slimmer and the leg opening is at least an inch narrower... Vikers are/were the only classic straight leg jean that Diesel makes/made and if Diesel discontinues them then me, most people that I know and - i hope - many on this site will find a new brand... the company seems to totally disregard what its fans actually want and like and seems intent on producing jeans that are not appropriate for everyday...
Hoping someone from Diesel monitors the social web to get a better sense of what their fans actually want. If so, then I'm hoping they hear us loud and clear -- MORE VIKERS PLEASE... these are Diesels only regular straight fit jean... they fit most body types perfectly and look great dressed up or down. Hopefully others in this community jump in... hoping we can influence Diesel to continue producing Viker jeans... based on what I've heard (from sales associates) and seen...
safado and viker are both straight leg jeans. safado is a much slimmer fit with a much narrower leg opening. I prefer vikers (if you are not a waif then this cut is best), but Diesel is discontinuing the viker line so i'm hunting for a new brand of jeans!!!   how can diesel abandon the viker --- a regular straight fit jean???????? unbelievably stupid.
Here's preview the link that confirms the release of no more Vikers:   http://www.diesel.com/denim-male   Vikers are very different than Larkees and Waykees in terms of fit. Larkees are a more relaxed fitting straight leg jean w/bigger back pockets that sit lower. Waykees have a tapered leg. 
I can answer my own question --- Diesel is phasing out/has phased out Vikers... No new Viker washes will be released in Spring/Summer 2014 (according to the preview link on the website)... Time for me (and most people I know) to find a new brand of jeans.    AG? Hudson? Any advice on good jean brands that have a classic straight leg style and washes. 
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