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I am desperately looking for a pair of Diesel Thavar 888p in size W31. if anyone knows of or has a pair willing to sell please let me know. Thanks!!
Does anyone know where i can find a pair of Thavar 888p in size 31? I have been looking for awhile now and havent been able to find them so hopefully someone can help me find a pair.
I am looking for Diesel Krooley 8nj in W31 L32. Would prefer BNWT but used could work also. Please PM me if interested in selling. Thanks!!
Anyone with krooley 8nj 31x32 looking to sell their pair?!!
Anyone out there with a krooley 8nj 31x32??
I was planning on it but I truly think I need a 31w otherwise id just be wasting my money. Sadly realized a 30w is just too damn tight on me.
Someone out there has to have a 31/32 in 8nj for sale out there some where!! Please!
I know someone out there has to have a 31/32. I keep missing any opportunity that I have to grab them or they are always too small but please someone out there has to have an 8nj in 31/32!!
It's been a couple months but I am still looking for a krooley 8nj if anyone knows of or has a pair please let me know. Looking for 30x30, 30x32, 31x30, or 31x32. Thanks for the help!
Yeah they don't look anything like the 8nj
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