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Quote: Originally Posted by shopaholism yeah, it's starting to happen over there too though. the citizens mod left because she was fed up with the mean behavior of a lot of people there (including some other mods). the paige mod also left but that could have been because she got really busy with school. Don't comment about shit you know nothing about.
Where the hell is NAV?
Post yours and let me do a comparison.
Who the fuck is that supposed to be a pic of? Sorry dude but the chick is HOT.
Long live not_a_virus.exe
Josh, can you impregnate a person with that toe of yours?
Virgo, I would love for you to post on AF...especially if you're shirtless.
Yes, Hilary. I am aware they have user names on AF, but they don't use them often. Josh I look forward to seeing you in a pair of R&R Chromas.
I can't wait until SevenKid, Infinite, and Josh are forced to post on AF because there's no other option.
New Posts  All Forums: