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Allsaints Henley longsleeves polo Allsaints toxic pipe jeans Diesel Kunz boots  
wow this leather looks so nice...On my last order I was going to take tha Amity jacket too, and finally I changed my mind and took the Blenham one. My mistake...This one looks way better.
I just ordered the cargo jacket !! Looking forward to see what it looks like in real...
Today:   Allsaints Blenham bomber Allsaints longsleeves Tepphar 880R Vans sneakers     Do you guys find that the bomber fits me well? Should I size down? 
THAVAR 0888P   http://www.ebay.fr/itm/diesel-THAVAR-WASH-0888P-SLIM-SKINNY-Jeans-Sz-32X30-/171323280447?pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&hash=item27e3a9cc3f
 black krooleys?? There's no black Krooley? The only one was Krooley NE 0603M, and it's sold out for a while. I bought this one last November, wore it a dozen of times, and now the pair is totally fucked up. The beautiful black color has disapeared for a long time, and there's blue strip all over the pair. And of course, as ALL the joggjeans, it was a W34, and now it looks like a W38...For 250 Euros the pair, I'm quite angry...
Did domeone can tell me if Tepphar 880R looks good in real? 
All Allsaints today:   Allsaints denim shirt  Allsaints print cigarette jeans Allsaints Lance boots  
Worn only a few times.    Will post photo of it very soon.
160 Euros + shipping    The jean is brand new, never worn.    Will post photo of it very soon. 
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