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@ emiloffersen: I've got the Lance boots, & it sized normally, dońt worry Mr !!
I'm selling this rare Diesel jogg. The color is not as when I first got it, slightly discolored, not as shinny as the beginning, but still very pretty.    I don't have any pictures right now, cause I'm not at home today, but I'll take some as soon as I'm coming home. 
Allsaints Henley longsleeves polo Allsaints toxic pipe jeans Diesel Kunz boots  
wow this leather looks so nice...On my last order I was going to take tha Amity jacket too, and finally I changed my mind and took the Blenham one. My mistake...This one looks way better.
I just ordered the cargo jacket !! Looking forward to see what it looks like in real...
Today:   Allsaints Blenham bomber Allsaints longsleeves Tepphar 880R Vans sneakers     Do you guys find that the bomber fits me well? Should I size down? 
THAVAR 0888P   http://www.ebay.fr/itm/diesel-THAVAR-WASH-0888P-SLIM-SKINNY-Jeans-Sz-32X30-/171323280447?pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&hash=item27e3a9cc3f
 black krooleys?? There's no black Krooley? The only one was Krooley NE 0603M, and it's sold out for a while. I bought this one last November, wore it a dozen of times, and now the pair is totally fucked up. The beautiful black color has disapeared for a long time, and there's blue strip all over the pair. And of course, as ALL the joggjeans, it was a W34, and now it looks like a W38...For 250 Euros the pair, I'm quite angry...
Did domeone can tell me if Tepphar 880R looks good in real? 
All Allsaints today:   Allsaints denim shirt  Allsaints print cigarette jeans Allsaints Lance boots  
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