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All sold - please close thread :)  
Hello my friend,   I know this is a pretty old thread, but I might be able to help you out with Thavar 888p 28x30 at a great price if you are still interested.  PM me when you can.   Thanks! smithf3
bumpski.  Price has been reduced.  
Might be keeping 1 pair though...  this wash is reallly hard to pass up
@Aramis - Thanks!! I'm slowly transitioning from slim fitting boot-cuts to a slimmer and straighter fit. @Levislad - Those Levis look nice.  Great fit.  I do have a couple pair of Thavar I believe but no Shioners.  I'm rocking another pair today - which is the same one I have for sale in the Marketplace.  Thavar 8880M - 32x32.  I'll post pics in a bit  
Thanks!   I never used to be about Skinny jeans because I'm rather tall - but I'm really diggin the Thanaz fit.  
I haz a fat tummy    Thanaz 008B9      
Hi guys!   I'm new here - but I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to purchase my overstock of Diesel jeans before I put them to eBay.   Here is a link to my eBay: http://myworld.ebay.com/smithf3   There isn't anything up for auction right now, but I wanted to show you that I am a credible seller and that all the jeans I sell are brand new with tags and 100% authentic.  I'll only be selling my jeans on here for a little while, so hopefully I have...
Safado 0880W   Bought these at full price and now they've been reduced by half :(  
Thank guys!  I'm lookin forward to being a contributing member of the community.
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