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No doubt! It actually made me realize I should start looking at more premium brands out there. I've been into Balmain lately and I'm definitely looking to try out their denim next season.
@Denim Collector Where you watching that listing too? It must've cost me over $650 after the conversion fees and the collect on delivery fees. But I paid what I got for! And you're right 824P is great for everyday wear. 824Z is a bit dirtier than I thought, so I have to put a bit more thought when deciding how and when to wear it.
Thanks. It's a great pair!
Thanks DA! I agree 824y is pretty cool and looks different as the light changes. 8bt is perfect for special occasions. @kynhonglongbong I found it on eBay about two weeks ago. I'm not sure if it is still sold in stores. I had to set my account to send me an email whenever an 8bt listing came along. You could do the same.
Received everything I need for this season. I had a short list but it kept growing after seeing everyone on this forum:   DBG 8BT (inspired by Denim Collector) and Balmain denim sneakers. I love how it comes with a kerchief at the back pocket. My new favorite wear!         Diesel denim backpack - great for school   Bought the next 3 pairs from giamat for an incredible price. Heres Shioner 824Y:   Sleenker 824P - I was dead set on NOT getting this one but...
I'll look to you for advice when Balmain makes a fit similar to sleenker! :) Thanks!
Insanely great. I went with my normal size and there's just enough room for my feet to breathe and wiggle my toes.   Most of my shoes are 9.5/42.5, but for these I sized up to 43 since they don't have half sizes. I guess it's a slim fit since it still fits perfectly.
Fit pics:    
Sleenker 827K and white Balmains     I have a bunch of other new buys to post, but still waiting for another stack from giamat so I'll post the whole season's purchase when it all gets here.
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