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Sick! SL denim is better than I expected. I've been wearing one of their black coated ones for the past few months too and they look and fit great. Nice buy!
Do you happen to have a size guide for dsq jeans? I'm thinking about getting each skinny fit eventually since I can't find a good size guide anywhere online. Do they stretch (will I have to size down on their denim)? What's the difference between Clement, Cool Guy, Slim, Sexy Twist, and Tidy Biker?
Can't help you with Barracuda, way too loose for my taste lol.
Yeah, I agree with what jeanetic said. Rambler feels more like Safado with how roomy it is around the hem and ass area. The waist is again really tight but the thighs and calf area do hug the skin. I don't have a Demon fit myself but according to jeanetic size 1 up or use your regular size for a skinny fit.
Demon = Thavar Fury = Tepphar (but may look like Narrot if not sized correctly) Rambler = Safado/Shioner My Rambler is 2 sizes over my Diesel size (30 vs 28) but the waist is TIGHT. It's a straight fit so it doesn't taper at the hem. For the others you could ask jeanetic but he already has a post with an accurate description of each.
Any updates on your Fury purchase DC?
Sweet Joggs jeanetic! Those kinda look like 888P in this light.
You have some of the sickest Joggs jeanetic. Nice light wash on the 664X!
Highly recommend it dude! All my Diesels are size 28, even though I'm sure size 27s would be comfortable after it stretches out. PRPS website says size one up for Rambler for a good fit. But this is 2 sizes up and it fits like a Diesel 26!Time to try out Fury and Demon too! Let me know if you pull the trigger on cultizm. And keep me updated on your 821B offer as well! And also (I know I keep saying this lol) but thanks again!
Finally got these in, hugely with the help of @Denim Collector. Thanks a lot Vince!   PRPS Noir Neo     Broke them in today. Thank god they didn't have my size available. Had to take a size 30 instead of a size 28, and it STILL fits really tight around the waist. Everything below the waist fits like a Shioner. And thanks for the advice @jeanetic, the 34 inseam makes this stack look mad cool! I'll be trying out PRPS more now.
New Posts  All Forums: