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all i can offer for this is that this wash fits tighter than some other krooley washes, heads up
OK I have found that my 880Ws, and 008X1s fit fairly different. Ideally i wish i would have ordered the 008X1s the next size up because they are quite a bit tighter. Do any of the washes you own have enough fit variation to make you wish you had them in either the next size up, or next size down accordingly?
Does anyone have any fit info or recommendations about the following krooley washes?   00AKS 0886P 0808Y 008X9 0801U 008QU   Thanks in advance!
i ended up ordering 33x34 in the 880W's and i am happy with the fit, thanks for the input guys. I would have to agree with you FRESH about how this wash fits in the krooley cut. I also ordered a pair in the 008X1 wash, size 33x34 and they are almost too tight. I would rather have this wash in 34x34 for a comparable fit to my other two as a warning to others.  
the 8060 is a fairly heavy but stretchy material, really nice i would recommend it a lot however it tends to fit small.  
Hello, i was hoping for someones expertise on how certain washes in the krooley cut differ in fit. I want to get a pair in the 880W wash, and i own a pair in the 08060 wash size 34x34. I am just concerned that the 880Ws will fit tighter.......any thoughts?
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