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Sadly, I can't. The system says I need to participate more before I'm allowed to post images. Not the best first-time experience, but I guess that's the way it goes. Have a good day and thanks for trying to respond!
By the way, this is my first post to this forum. Thanks in advance for your help!  
Hi all! I scored a NWT pair of Hudson jeans at my local Goodwill today but I'm not sure if they're authentic. They are very high quality (seeming), but they have a ribbon label sewn into the back. Does Hudson do white ribbon labels? The ribbon is 3.5" long and 7/8" tall with HUDSON in their font and Fine Tailored Jeans in cursive under it. The ribbon is attached with two vertical lines of stitching 3/8" in from the sides. Each line of stitching has seven long-ish...
New Posts  All Forums: