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Thank you Fresh3 !You are so nice^^
Thanks,you are all so kind & friendly ^^
I was Invited to a Beano today...   I wear Thavar 8Y9 DIY by myself...     Use some pins & black clothes to make g-string patches...   Unless the Janet Leigh nude may scare someone...
Four months ago, I received a message after I posted the thread: Thavar 8Y9 DIY.     The message was sent by an netizen ID.Starfish in Northern Taiwan.    He is the host of Gentry forum.     He wanna send a few pairs of jeans to me for DIY.   That means to do something on them such as patching,destroying,washing and especially painting.     I reply that is OK, but I'm not pro so that I'll do it very slowly.   Package is sent to my work place ...   There...
Yes, 8QM is raw, but it's worn for 18 months.
I wear Narrot 8QM today, it's 18 months 5 wash vintage looks.
It's an mistake! I wash it 8 times all by more than 60 degrees Celsius hot water ... So you could see how white it is... This Thavar8Y9 ... I did not particularly bother ... Unlike Koolter8Y9 , I wash Thavar 8Y9 little more frequently. In the process, not so many camera records, simply ignore it ...   At vintage-used part, these pants are not so nice & proudable... When I use " to go home to wash pants " as a reason to refuse to work overtime, general manager...
I'm in my Narrot 8QM today.     It's been woren for 17 months and washed 3 times.
Still my Koolter 8Y9, but this time is in military style.   Shirt: H&M Pants、Belt、Boots、Bracelet are all Diesel
  Yes, there is a little green in the blue of 8X2 similar to 811p, and the fabrics are thick & tough.
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