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You guys make me crazy i was thinking to do shopping in next month but now i'm so much excited i'll gonna shop some jeans now online, what you guys suggest me to have now?    supported living homes
I prefer distressed it looks more good and give a very young cool looks on boys. They look casual and handsome. 
Thanks for this, actually it's pretty good for the awareness of the brand i never know these things to recoganize the real brand. 
Hi everyone it's Lilly mummery here, I'm from Australia and live in supportive living community the reason I join this community is it's really advanced they offer great facilities and support. I'm not like  the other old people who just waste their life waiting for death, I love to fashion even in this age.  I join this forum to stay up to date about the fashion industry.    Fairways Supported Living   182-184 Hursley Road Toowoomba QLD 4350...
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