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the cut is a Thavar IMO.
Hello! I am selling a Brand New Pair of Jeans with the tags. Never worn, never used! I bought them last week from giamat_shop.(he can confirm) I just changed my mind and I want to sell them.   Diesel Sleenker 824Z - Size: W30 L32 (Spring/Summer 2014)   Price: 125 Euro (shipped)
okay, i see. thanks! :)
Hello, I am selling a pair of BRAND NEW JEANS WITH TAGS. I got it a week ago from Giamat(he can confirm). I am selling it because I have so many pairs of jeans with the same colour, so I don't need these. Brand new, never used, never worn, just tried on at home. Still have the tags!!!     Diesel Tepphar 824B - Size: W30 L32 92% cotton + 6% polyester + 2% elastane (Spring/Summer 2014)     Price: 85 euro (shipped)
Hello guys, I just noticed that Diesel has changed their font(names of the jeans appear differently now) and I also noticed they have added a new pair for the Dutch online Diesel store. It is called the POIAK 808Y. Link ->  http://store.diesel.com/nl/regular-slim-tapered_cod42320344ui.html#itemPage=1 I did a little research because the wash code sounds familiar and it turns out there was a Krooley 808Y and it was a Blue Eyecon.     So my questions are:   1. is that...
+1 exactly what i thought as well
thanks a lot :)
can you please give me the link to this website, seems interesting to me.
Denim Collector, thanks!  i got them because of 2 reasons. 1st - i saw your photos of them and they look good 2nd - i took into consideration your advice and i got them ​ :D    
Just got these bad boys in the mail. Super excited to have such a dirty pair. Fits perfectly(more comfortable to me than Tepphar, although they are very similar in terms of fitting) I was so sceptical at first when it came out and I didn't like it as much. But I quickly changed my mind! Huge shout out to  giamatshop ! What a great seller! Super fast shipping and delivery, great communication and always 100% authentic & cheap!   Sleenker 824Z      
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