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Does anyone know when the  HALF PRICE STANDARD DELIVERY promotion end?                                                           Y O O X
yep, that's the reason why I switched to Tepphar and they really feel much better and still look go on me.But best washes are in Thavar and also it has a more classical/skinny look than most cuts.
Great! That info really does help! Thanks a lot Denim Collector :) Really appreciate it. Im also looking at a Narrot 824L at the moment. But still unsure if 170 euro is worth it...
Oh, that's sad! I was hoping it was a bit more comfortable than other Thavars... But that's too bad for me, as I was really hoping for this to be my shot. I have problems with Thavars in the thigh area. But you guys are saying that it's more uncomfortable than 8x2 ... then it's not for me...   Which one is the most comfortable of them all for you guys?
Hey guys, looking at this thread I just got the idea of searching for my size of Thavar 811P on eBay. I found this here ->  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151550409022?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT It's exactly what I need, but the problem is that the seller has listed is as W31 L30, but he says it's more like W32... Is this a Thavar 811P thing? Or is it just a factory mistake and they put a label as W31 but it's actually W32? Or all Thavar 811P's...
Hey guys, what is that wash and what fit is that(Krayver?) as well? Looks like it is a Blue Eyecon. (Im talking about the man's jeans)  
Hi guys, I didnt want to make a new thread so I will be asking here. I am drawn by the beauty and casualness of the Narrot lately. But I have one problem. What size do I need?   I wear W30 in Tepphar and it fits me perfect, this is my most comfortable cut. I need W31 in Thavar and Sleenker. And I wear W30 in Krayver.   So please help me out for what size do I need to be searching for on eBay?
Thanks, Jyri
wash code?   http://www.dress-for-less.nl/tmpl/detail.tmpl?designer=Diesel;art_id=510003;pg=102;main_cat=2;cat=2
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