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Phukette, they really do look amazing!  Thank you for the photos! Just added these to my wish list :)
Hello folks! This time no Diesel, but something better maybe! Just came back from the T-Mobile store and I got iPhone 6. I am so excited and I couldn't believe what was happening because I didn't pre-order it and Vodafone even don't have it in stock and is fully sold for the next 3 weeks. So I was lucky to be able to buy it on the release day in the Netherlands!  
I know its probably a bit too early, but when are we supposed to start seeing parts of the next season? And what I mean by that is some pictures of jeans or even a catwalk show?
oops, sorry i meant to post this at Fall/Winter 2014 thread. sorry!
Aahz great one again! You really do make some crazy washes appear so CHIC and stylish! You've got a great style, man! :)
Um, I gotta say that Darron really has a higher back.These (Krayver) don't have different proportions in terms of front and back, but they are a bit higher waist than Thavar. They fit tiny bit higher. You really have to try them first and see. But considering your photos (and your jeans) I don't think this fit will be of any interest to you. You like more Slim/Skinny fits :) (which is not a bad thing, but this one is a bit more relaxed than what you are used to I...
Thank you, DA!Yes, I wear W31 in Thavar/Shioner so I sized down 1 from it. I got W30 for Krayver and I can say it fits nice and comfortable.I would say it is a bit more tapered than Krooley, feels a bit like Darron to me, although it is supposed to take over Krooley, it feels a bit more tapered/slim than it.
My Diesel Krayver 834B finally arrived today! Lightning is bad in my room, but I will make sure to take more photos of them while wearing them, I will also try to post a little review on them later this weekend.        
829B to me is also the most comfortable Thavar fit that I have ever tried. I own 8x2, and it is not even near as comfortable as the 829B.
Argh ... I still don't have my Krayver 834B ... Giamat sent it, DHL doesn't have a specific delivery date and it takes a long while to get here from italy. I can't wait anymore!!
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