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Thanks guys! I contacted Giamat, waiting for his invoice now.   Nope, Hawk, i did not! I got my usual W31 and it was good, a bit loose in the waist but much more comfortable in the thighs than my 8x2. But I sized down on the length, I usually get L32, now I tried L30 and it seemed okay, although Im not very used to the shortness ... But I will buy them and see how it goes.
Too bad the cultizm voucher does not apply for items already on sale. :(
Yes, so far, from what I see S/S 2015 isn't that tempting. Nothing too exciting. Maybe there will be much more to see and get excited about. But from what I see its nothing special
Guys, I was just at the Diesel Store in Amsterdam and tried on the Thavar 833Z which fit me perfect in my opinion. What do you guys think? Giamat has it for a reasonable price and Im thinking about buying it. What do you think? Should I buy it, does it look good on me?   Photos --> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/604uyjnd451j3v2/AAAYRGId_N_MgD-RJ59lxptaa?dl=0
Congrats, DA!!!And you look good, zdenal_cz
Im sorry, man. Didnt want to upset you or anything.Thanks for the photos!
Got the Thavar 829B today. It was a HUGE disappointment for me. I was too excited only to find out they are freaking too long for me and they were also GIANT in the waist and thighs.  I have never tried a Thavar that huge in the waist and thighs in size W31. I even had to widen my Thavar 8x2's thighs in order to be a bit more comfy for me.   Anyway, I already sent them back. My joy lasted only a few hours(while I was waiting for them)  
Thank you, DA!Although I am starting to get a bit worried about that length. I am a good L32 but that will be way too long, and you say that they generally run long ... so even If I got L32 they would be long, so L34 would be super long.Lets just hope for me that I will get something that I can take to the tailor. And yes, she will do the original hem for sure!
oh, i hate that part, can't we just skip on to the buying part :Dhaha Phukette, take your time but dont forget to do it today! :) I just can't hold myself! Literally cant wait
no, don't worry. I had these jeans on a bookmark in my Safari, I was waiting for a bigger sale for a while, I waited for the W31 L32.. But I never saw W28 L34 or even W28 L32...So don't worry, my friend! Weenie, thats amazing for the German Diesel fans!!! I wish we had it in the Netherlands, although I have little to no money after some shopping i did! 
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