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Hey guys, I went to the Diesel Flagship store in Amsterdam today and I tried two pairs of jeans. I really need your opinion on this one. Can you please tell me which one do you like more on me? Which one looks better?     Diesel Tepphar 835L - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/i6ff3dbjotome28/AACZmaYxHHbmyT5X6TYYBO6Xa?dl=0   Diesel Thavar 833Z - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u8yet65u84hmdb0/AADgJMP95OE_g3Szxc1vu1ina?dl=0
Dude! I saw it as well!  Real nice! Lucky you! :D
Great :)I see you have the new diesel iphone case :)
oh neat! Thanks!
where did you guys get all the wash codes from? I couldn't see them clearly from the photos here. Where can i see the full size photos?
How can we find the wash codes of these models? And where did you get them from? I really like 2 or 3(max) and I would like to know their cuts and wash codes.
Hey guys, I found a pretty good deal - Diesel Krooley Jogg Jeans.​   What is the exact wash code of these?          
Hey guys, I have a question - Are these authentic judging by the photos we have here?  
wow from $748 to just $70 ... that's not a safe bet :D
is that for Austria/Germany or Netherlands included?And more importantly - how do you know?
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