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Thanks for the pics, DieselBoy786   I also join the "Krayver 840Q" like club! I am pretty sure I will be buying a Krayver this season, just don't know which one will it be? The 840V or the 840Q :D
I got the case as a present today, but I don't like it and I want to sell it. The case is almost brand new, literally used only for a couple of hours. Comes with it's original box/cardboard. Will be carefully packed in a bubble wrap envelope. The case was 30€. Link to Diesel's website - http://store.diesel.com/bg/technology_cod44725552km.html   I am also throwing in a high quality iPhone 6 screen protector as a bonus from me.   Price:  $ 17.50 (shipped anywhere)
Great buy, Wutzwagg   These are some of the presents I got from my girlfriend for our 3rd year anniversary.
I still think the 840V looks good. And thanks for the fit pics, they look great on you!
Hello guys, I just checked Giamat's ebay page and I see some old models up for sale (Such as Thavar 829B, Tepphar 602S, Thavar 816K) and he has some pretty popular sizes as well.   Something else that struck me was Dsquared jeans. I would be super happy if he is starting to sell Dsquared as well. That would be such a relief for my bank account.   What do you guys think, is he restructuring his business and starting to sell some old models as well as the new ones? Or...
Do you guys think these are authentic? Are they worth the 60 euro price tag?                  
Thank you guys, so I am crossing out the Tepphar 838V.   Now the dilemma is between the Krayver 840V (which I also find to look a lot like Belther 828T) and the Thavar 837E. I am not sure yet what exactly I want. But I am waiting for giamat's response. So I will pick one soon.   Thanks to all of you who are trying to help me out.
Guys, I have a question to all of you. If you had the chance to pick between some of the latest models, which one would you go for?   Tepphar 838V Krayver 840V Thavar 837E   Please help me out as it is a bit hard for me to chose.
Does anyone know when the  HALF PRICE STANDARD DELIVERY promotion end?                                                           Y O O X
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