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just because I didn't want to open up a new thread for the same question, i will ask here...   Is this the "Cool Guy" fit ?   http://www.yoox.com/bg/42419434DQ/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=42419434DQ&sizeId=3
This code is not working for me.
Any yoox codes at the moment?
Price Drop:  45€ 
I am selling a brand new pair of Diesel chino pants. Never worn, still have all their original tags on.   For more info on the pair of pants I am selling, visit this link:  http://store.diesel.com/gb/pants_cod36428485mn.html The pants that I am selling are W30 and they fit me perfectly. I usually need W30 for Tepphar/Krayver, and W31 for Thavar/Sleenker.   I am selling them because I have too many blue clothes(shoes, blazers and t-shirts) and I need to have different...
Hey guys, what wash is this Tepphar?   http://www.yoox.com/bg/42405445OE/item?dept=#cod10=42405445OE&sizeId=
Thank you guys for the info about Zara, I will most certainly try some on when I get a chance! :) 
I did look at Farfetch and LuisaViaRoma but both of them have them only for a few bucks less. I was hoping for something like a -20% mid-season discount.   I am definitely going to buy a pair soon. I just love how they fit and feel
You are so lucky, Levislad Nice buys! Especially the 829B :) 
hey! Great fit!When did you get the shoes? Are they current collection?How do they fit, are they any good?
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