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Great :)I see you have the new diesel iphone case :)
oh neat! Thanks!
where did you guys get all the wash codes from? I couldn't see them clearly from the photos here. Where can i see the full size photos?
How can we find the wash codes of these models? And where did you get them from? I really like 2 or 3(max) and I would like to know their cuts and wash codes.
Hey guys, I found a pretty good deal - Diesel Krooley Jogg Jeans.​   What is the exact wash code of these?          
Hey guys, I have a question - Are these authentic judging by the photos we have here?  
wow from $748 to just $70 ... that's not a safe bet :D
is that for Austria/Germany or Netherlands included?And more importantly - how do you know?
Im also hoping for it to start soon, Im from the Netherlands and we don't have it here yet as well...I also called the Flagship store in Amsterdam and they said they dont have a SALE yet, but they are expecting it anytime soon.Just keep your fingers crossed and hope for it to be soon!
Just got: Diesel Belther 828T Diesel Lawless Mid Diesel Suede Belt Creed Silver Mountain Water  
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