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Argh ... I still don't have my Krayver 834B ... Giamat sent it, DHL doesn't have a specific delivery date and it takes a long while to get here from italy. I can't wait anymore!!
Amazing outfit! I will definitely be looking for a yellow t-shirt. This all looks amazing!
I would also like to see some photos of the Tepphar 833Y.  It looks amazing on the PROBUS NYC photos. Please make sure to post more photos with good lightning :)
I wear W31 in Thavar/Shioner (and they are a bit thigh on my thighs) I got size W30 for Krayver 834B. Will see how it fits on Wednesday/Thursday and will let you know! But a size down from a skinny/slim fit should be fine.
Isn't this Darron 809V? if so, then it is a great pair because of being a Blue Eyecon and they also have it in several sizes.   http://www.yoox.com/nl/42368363XP/item?dept=newarrivalsmen#sts=sr_newarrivalsmen80&cod10=42368363XP&sizeId=4
haha, good! I hope they still have it next month, I spent my spare money already to get the Krayver, but I definitely want a leather jacket, this one is a great start and also being recommended by you is also a plus. So yeah! :)
Thanks guys! I will make sure to post photos :)
this one really looks amazing! I really like Diesel Leather jackets but Im afraid that even If I get one, I might gain some weight and it will me too small for me and it will be a waste of money.This is a great one!
I just ordered Krayver 834B from Giamat.   I will be receiving it shortly, so I will put more photos and info here. Or I might even do a review on them, Krayvers don't have any reviews I think on the forum, so it would be something nice. I ordered a Krayver because Im sick and tired of trying to fit my otherwise-not-so-fat legs in Thavars or Shioners. So I decided to go for something more roomy.
Today I got Diesel's ONLY THE BRAVE - Wild fragrance. I gotta say it smells pretty fresh and goes to sweet after a while. Thumbs up from me! Recommended!  
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