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Hello! Diesel Online Store staff is pretty quick with their responses usually. But I believe they sometimes just skip some more "different" matters like yours. So just try reaching them by phone.  Look here -> http://store.diesel.com/cms/help/contactform.asp?tskay=C569C0A4   Good luck!
Just received my package from Diesel. I got bathing trunks and got a present(a leather belt) for my girlfriend. She was surprised I got the right size. So yeah. Im really loving my new beachwear! Amazing fit and its so comfortable. I am also loving their tags!     
Hey guys! I recently received my very first ALLSAINTS product (a t-shirt from the recent big sale) Now, Im in the market for some nice looking and more comfortable-than-a-Thavar jeans. I am serious. I recently got Thavar 8x2 and it is not very comfortable on my thighs and knees, so now Im looking for a ALLSAINTS pair(as they seem to be very nice). Problem is I don't know if they will be comfortable or not. I don't have any ALLSAINTS stores nearby so I will have to rely...
Definitely Thavar 888P is my all time favourite BLUE EYECON. Shioner 817H is the second best. And if there was a third place, Belther 828T would be standing right there.
just received my very first ALLSAINTS item. A t-shirt that I ordered when I had an extra -20% on the already -50%. Fits me great and it super comfortable and breathable thanks to the nice cotton.  
I think this is the first BlueEyecon Tepphar that Diesel made. But I also think that it is a weak BlueEyecon Season.
Yes, lots of new products have been added.The nice blue Tepphar is 820S. It really is really nice! I had it in Thavar.
Here are some good ones that I found today and I want to share them with you so maybe I will help someone. Diesel Shioner 817H in plenty of size: http://www.yoox.com/nl/42370430FG/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=42370430FG&sizeId=   Diesel Thanaz(one of the last washes): http://www.yoox.com/nl/42371066GG/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=42371066GG&sizeId=   Diesel...
I'm still thinking if I will wear them, Im afraid they will be too thigh for me as well. I've read you need to size one up for it, is it true?
Is this the Shioner 74Y? If yes, is it worth the 100 euro price they are asking for it? What year is the model from?    
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