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the fit of this particular pair is surprisingly great! I also tried the same style of pants, just a different color and to tell you the truth, it felt very lose in the waist area. But this one sits pretty low on the waist but fits pretty good.
Just got back from a little trip to an Outlet Shopping Centre. Got myself a pair of Diesel Chi-Tight-B pants & a Mexx T-Shirt Both were 73,90€  
Hey guys, I will be(hopefully) moving to the UK in the fall. I need to pick where I want to study. Anyway, as I find it pretty hard to pick my firm choice(where I want to go), I started Google-ing around, to see and find things that I like and do during my free time. So I started looking for Diesel stores, or at least Diesel sellers, but I got stuck. So here I am, asking for help from all the UK fellas who love Diesel. Where do they sell Diesel? What are some of the...
Hey guys, I went to a local Outlet store, and I found this interesting model of pants. http://store.diesel.com/gb/pants_cod36428485mn.html   They had my size and it fit me pretty well. Reason why I didn't buy it was the color of it, as I have a lot of blue clothes, shoes and accessories. But my question to you is - are they worth the $85 price tag? I didn't take a photo of myself wearing them because i had so much on my mind at the moment. So can you tell me your...
Hey! I am sorry I am replying that late but I haven't been very active on the forum lately. In terms of fit and denim - 813W and 824B fit almost the same, the denim is also very similar. I have 813W and I had 824B. Both in size W30. I have also tried 602S and I fit perfectly in size W30.In terms of the smell on 824B - I also had that and thought it was only my pair for some reason. I got mine from Giamat. I thought he kept it in a humid storage room or something, but I...
Thanks for the pics, DieselBoy786   I also join the "Krayver 840Q" like club! I am pretty sure I will be buying a Krayver this season, just don't know which one will it be? The 840V or the 840Q :D
I got the case as a present today, but I don't like it and I want to sell it. The case is almost brand new, literally used only for a couple of hours. Comes with it's original box/cardboard. Will be carefully packed in a bubble wrap envelope. The case was 30€. Link to Diesel's website - http://store.diesel.com/bg/technology_cod44725552km.html   I am also throwing in a high quality iPhone 6 screen protector as a bonus from me.   Price:  $ 17.50 (shipped anywhere)
Great buy, Wutzwagg   These are some of the presents I got from my girlfriend for our 3rd year anniversary.
I still think the 840V looks good. And thanks for the fit pics, they look great on you!
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