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you should look into fendi too, they have a great eyeglasses selection. mine is around 400+ but u could find some for cheaper i think
i think it needs to be shorter but the print is really cute.
theyre cuteee wear it !!
damn it i cut them yesturday, i wish ive seen this thread earlier! darn! haha imma try to get it fix
sevens straight leg barberelle jean, light mercer! are these TTS? i want to order it online but im sure what size to get so please help. ugh i shouldnt be buying anymore jeans but i really like this pairr so let me know! thank you seven straight leg barbarella jean, light mercer (FINAL SALE)
lol feels like FOREVER?! and im always looking around the mall but i havent found anyone selling them.. ugh hopefullyy one dayyy!!
shes only at 35? thats weird, the top 10 girls arent that great looking haha ur friend is alot prettierrr. ill keep voting for her =)
it would be helpful if you guys could mention which racks youve been to. since i dont want to visit the same one and not find anything. the trip is pretty far for me
ahhh these has been on my wish list since foreverr but i havent seen any in the mall! OH how i want them!! u look gorgeouss in them! i loveee it
so if someone sees them, please pm me and let me know! thanks mucho!
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