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Weird or not, I gotta tell you Faiza looks great on men. I've tried them on and they looked awesome. I even thought about it the first time I saw a woman wearing it. It works. When you buy a bigger waist size and wear them low rise they look like some insane slim fitting drop crotch pants and trust me, nobody will ever come up to you and say "Why are you wearing lady pants ?"
Ha. :D Can you please give me the link cause I can't find it?    PS: Oh, the physical Diesel store ? :D
I would love to read that too but I dunno where to find it. Any ideas ?
There are people for everything man. I wouldn't buy them either as they're too expensive for me but I like them.
Not Timmen. It's Mennit. Timmen is regular slim straight. More like Safado rather than Larkee.
Naah, I wouldn't sacrifice warmth for any jacket if I were you :D
LOL. Where do you live so that Lagua isn't warm enough ? 
LOL. That explains everything. :D Totally agreed. 881w is my favourite Tepphar wash. I would have bought it in other cuts too if it was available. Thank you guys : )
Well, I should have known that before ordering my usual Tepphar size. Hope my pair will stay as it is. :D
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