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Ha. :D Can you please give me the link cause I can't find it?    PS: Oh, the physical Diesel store ? :D
I would love to read that too but I dunno where to find it. Any ideas ?
There are people for everything man. I wouldn't buy them either as they're too expensive for me but I like them.
Not Timmen. It's Mennit. Timmen is regular slim straight. More like Safado rather than Larkee.
Naah, I wouldn't sacrifice warmth for any jacket if I were you :D
LOL. Where do you live so that Lagua isn't warm enough ? 
LOL. That explains everything. :D Totally agreed. 881w is my favourite Tepphar wash. I would have bought it in other cuts too if it was available. Thank you guys : )
Well, I should have known that before ordering my usual Tepphar size. Hope my pair will stay as it is. :D
What do you mean by that? Did you buy a smaller size which later stretched out or you bought your normal size and it stretched out ?I really don't get this whole stretch thing. I have older pairs which have stretched out by a size or two and I have new stretch pairs which stay the same. I really really don't get it.I saw that 820s has an unusual composition. It has 2% elastane 6% polyester. What makes these jeans stretch?!
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