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Thanks. I think the only way to wear this kind of striking washes is pair them with a pretty classic outfit.
Got the Thavar 840s because they was 50%. I like thier crazyness, I'm not ok with the fabric of the denim in the last couple of seasons. Not sure to keep them (probably not). Really like the blazer and the waistcoat anyway.  
I meant Fall/Winter stuff.All the items in my wishlist has been marked as "continuative".
Very disappointing sale. The few interesting stuff of this season, is not on sale. :/
Good to know, tnx
I got a pair of thavar 888p on Yoox. Do you guys know if the blue stains on the knee are normal?  
...by the prices, for sure. :D
Biker jackets are nice, but not as much as the All Saints ones (and probably they will be way more expensive). Patched jeans are the kind of stuff you will find on yoox for 70€ in a couple of year... Some nice wash, nothing I really wait for. I like the cargo pants, and the leather Thavar too  (of course... not easy to wear in real life).   Visible underwear, to me,  is naff. But I understand this could be a limit based on my cultural contest.   Finally, an...
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