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Good to know, tnx
I got a pair of thavar 888p on Yoox. Do you guys know if the blue stains on the knee are normal?  
...by the prices, for sure. :D
Biker jackets are nice, but not as much as the All Saints ones (and probably they will be way more expensive). Patched jeans are the kind of stuff you will find on yoox for 70€ in a couple of year... Some nice wash, nothing I really wait for. I like the cargo pants, and the leather Thavar too  (of course... not easy to wear in real life).   Visible underwear, to me,  is naff. But I understand this could be a limit based on my cultural contest.   Finally, an...
Kunz. I was hoping they putted that shoes on sales this winter, to steal the last 10 avaiable but they didn't. :(
Totally right! Replay jeans are also a lot shorter on the lenght.A 34L its like a 32L in Diesel, sometimes even less, which is a problem to me (and that's the reason why I must try every Replay model before buying it).
I've one Timmen and one Safado. They look pretty similar to me.
Shioner, as Thavar and Thanaz, are not really tapered. You should try on Sleenker or maybe Tepphar.
I like the SS version of Chrome hi. They are really thin indeed and probably not too resistent but that make them comfortable and wearable even on summer. I also like they are "slimmer" on the tip than trapboots and the winter version of the same shoe. Not a 200€ for sure, but 100€ is ok to me.   Talking about Boots. Do you guys likes Mark Nason shoes? :D They are a bit too expensive for how they are made and not so easy to find in Europe but you can find nice deals...
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