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Sorry to bumped this OLD thread, but anyone can tell how this thanaz 8ww fit? size down or up? Thanks
still available? PM sent with my offer.
Zdenal - Great fit on these 8x2
I forgot to take a pics of this shioner, but I see couple of same on eBay. you can see that the font on the back label is different.    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Diesel-Shioner-mens-jeans-0074Y-Sz-34-32-100-Auth-Regular-Slim-Skinny-/151298285527?pt=UK_Men_s_Jeans&hash=item233a149fd7#ht_203wt_1259   The most sellers that sell this stuff listed them with official pics only.
DEF W27. 886B was strech a lot, so if 888p was perfect for you with w28 -  take 886b 1 size down to w27.
I'm sure that you saw the cheap diesel from France on eBay - shioner 801a, Thavar 801c and more. I bought 2 pairs(shioner 801a 28/32, 29/32),  2 weeks ago from this seller, and he said that is 100% authentic and .... I got them quickly, and from the first sight I saw the different. 1. The main problem is that the 2 pairs was the same size - 41.5 cm!!!! and as you know, w28/32 need to be 38-39, w29/32 - 39.5-40.5. 2. the label size on the back was in little strange...
 so?this seller(giamat) is legit or not?
Thavar 888p fit you so good!   wish diesel will elease another amazing wash like this!
best jacket raj! I love the color, and its fit you perfect!
Yellowish version for sure.
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