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Great thread, Aramis
They look great to me
As usual Dieselolic, you're rockin' it! Great wash!
Excellent pair of 8x2 in 29x32. Never washed and still has the pre-stacking. I would be willing to trade for a pair in 31x32 if interested or sell outright. $150 shipped and I'll pay the Paypal fees. Feel free to shoot me a pm if interested or need more photos. Thank you:) 
Those Tepphars look great and I love the wash!
Gloriouscafe, those look incredible!
Btw, forgive me for being rude! You all are rockin' these outfits:)
Thank you guys, as always!
I need help! Which would you suggest between these two pairs, 888p or 75g, to go with this vintage Wrangler denim shirt. Would either pair even work with this shirt?
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