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They are most certainly real!
Typically I would say this one tiny pic isn't sufficient for an authenticity check, but if that cut and surged edge I see is the yoke these are fake.
More pics would indeed be nice but there is nothing here to indicate that these are fake.
Sorry, these are fake.
Wow! Someone got a good buy. Nice wash.
She is who I assumed you were referring to. I could be wrong but I doubt she owns it, or owned it when it went to crap. I feel like she contributed too much to the forum to watch it die.
Jeanetic, I can only think of one girl with black hair who was super active during the time that I frequented the forum, she was (maybe is?) a moderator and contributed greatly to the forum. There was a post while I was active regarding an ebay seller who gave a Bible away with each purchase, they tore her to shreds! Either they weren't as hard on me when I stood up for her or I just didn't care. In reality it breaks my heart, if only they knew what they were...
J51000, you are correct regarding S2D
AF isn't what it once was, that's for sure. It used to be the best forum by far for TR enthusiasts! The guide alone was invaluable. 😭. Thanks to the new owner it's nearly dead.
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