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Real, S2D pair though
JoeDB, real!
Even a TR store is not a good place to try to have TR authenticated. They're sales associates, not denim experts.
You opened a case? Why on earth would you open a case!?! Visit Authenticforum.com and post an authenticity check there. For heavens sake verify authenticity first next time, it's likely they are real and that seller is having to deal with that stupid case!
Black pair is real. Non denim TR is made in China but I cannot comment in authenticity of tour cords as I'm not an expert on them at all.
1 and 4 are fake, Mickey has kinda funky rear pockets (long and pointy). 2 is real IMO although I am not real familiar with this style. 3 is real, nice pair.
I assure you, to anyone very familiar with TR there is NO such thing as a good fake
Never seen a "good fake", those are real
The Ricky Rainbows are also fake.
Made in Turkey pair are horrific fakes, others are good IMO.
New Posts  All Forums: