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@denim addict - your 888p is perfect!
I don't like 814m, but I don't like New-Fanker.   So, my vote is 814m - The cut it's more important  for me.
  DA - here is a links for 801a on ebay: 1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/DIESEL-JEANS-SHIONER-801A-W31-L32-SLIM-Skinny-FOTO-DETTAGLIATE-/251300554073?pt=Jeans_uomo&hash=item3a82ae2559#ht_328wt_714 2. http://www.ebay.com/itm/DIESEL-JEANS-Uomo-SHIONER-801A-W32-L32-SLIM-Skinny-FOTO-DETTAGLIATE-/251236893724?pt=Jeans_uomo&hash=item3a7ee2c41c#ht_219wt_714
Thanks shlomi for the info. I got the voucher on Sunday, and finally I decide to wait a little. I hate cheaters...
are you serious?? nothing special??     Thavar 888p 1. fit so perfect 2. I love the light blue with the yelowish fade 3. thick denim 4. blue eyecons edition   I was very happy man if all my thavar fit me like that!
you geab a nice pair - love the fade
  oh man!!! If you can wear the red jeans - u r so brave! Like what diesel says...
DC - I really want to pick up the 68z. i need to take my normal size or size up?  
"uggly wash"??? 801a is one of the best!
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