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Cultizm sale begin: http://www.cultizm.com/specials.php?cat=c54_Diesel.html   and new diesel http://www.cultizm.com/index.php?cat=c54_Diesel.html
+1great fitting!
cultizm have Thavar 608T for sale: http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p5396_Diesel-Thavar-0608T-Black-Washed.html and Thavar 608C http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p5394_Diesel-Thavar-0608C-D-N-A--Revolution.html
great fit on this 66r. I love this special hole on the knee.
I'll check them tomorrow with my diesels and upload pix. They very slim, and i'm hope they will work with my skinny jeans.
Hush Puppies Brock boots    
+1 Great wash, perfect fit.
Honestlly, I dont understand why its so wanted wash
73J for only 420 euros - Horry before they gone http://www.ebay.com/itm/Diesel-Thanaz-Thavar-73j-Exklusiv-Rar-Nicht-Mehr-Zu-Bekommen-31-32-/181423221304?pt=DE_Herren_Jeans&hash=item2a3daaaa38#ht_42wt_1094
+1great outfit!
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