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you can read about this seller on this theard: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/195645/shioner-74y-question/100
100% authentic. From my little experience with buyers like that, you need flow with the buyer. If he wanna to start a case on eBay - go with, and tell eBay that you sold used jeans as the pics attached. You don't need any proof for authentically - it's used! If the buyer don't give up and ebay be with him - you will need to refund him. Be honest with your buyer and I hope that he will believe you. If he said that your thavar is not like his thavar - tell them to send a...
Cultizm sale begin: http://www.cultizm.com/specials.php?cat=c54_Diesel.html   and new diesel http://www.cultizm.com/index.php?cat=c54_Diesel.html
+1great fitting!
cultizm have Thavar 608T for sale: http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p5396_Diesel-Thavar-0608T-Black-Washed.html and Thavar 608C http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p5394_Diesel-Thavar-0608C-D-N-A--Revolution.html
great fit on this 66r. I love this special hole on the knee.
I'll check them tomorrow with my diesels and upload pix. They very slim, and i'm hope they will work with my skinny jeans.
Hush Puppies Brock boots    
+1 Great wash, perfect fit.
Honestlly, I dont understand why its so wanted wash
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