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audit I like your 608t!  
so like this chrom boots!  congrats. Btw, your 817h fit you perfect.
they fit you perfect!
+1 880i is greater one..   Thavar 880i 33/32: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Diesel-Jeans-Thavar-880I-Skinny-Fit-Straight-Leg-0880I-/400744546314?pt=FR_V%C3%AAtements_pour_hommes&hash=item5d4e3c800a   you can PM to him here or on ebay, for another discount.
Great for you man! I think you can wear it with everything - white is neutral color like black, but more unique.
TOO much dirty for me.
Super- wash! The details and the stacking on this wash is amazing! i like it. Great buy man.
+1still looking for Braddom/Iakop 881z size 26 or 27 for a long time.
wow its the super deal!!!
+1Must have diesel jeans ever.
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