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great pair DC! love your collection on the background, espacially 68z.
Great shioner - congrats!
Thanks guys. I'm looking for Diesel leather jacket  - Where can I find it online with size XS? Thanks.
maybe you can help me too. I'm 58 kgs, 1.73 cm, and my diesel jeans is 27. I never try any diesel jackets - What size you reccomened to me S or XS? Thanks.
Cultizm code - HALLOWEEN gives 15% discount.
DC - I bid on this pair yesterday and won it, and when I paid on - he send me a message that he don't want ship to Israel, and request me to cancel the payment (the listing was open to my bid).
maybe you are dont agree with me, but for me, this belther its just another black wash - nothing special. exactaly like 886z, 800w, and many more.
try ebay : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Jeans-Diesel-Shioner-805A-Slim-Skinny-/151143413429?pt=FR_V%C3%AAtements_pour_hommes&var=450214494471&hash=item2330d976b5   It's 28/34, but this wash is very rare on this size, and you can hemmed it easily.
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