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+1great outfit!
 +1The best fitting on 811p I saw.
Congrats DA! You got amazing pair of 811P.
Amazing grey wash!Post fit pics when you can.
Very nice pair - congrats!
DA - Perfect as always! great jacket, you enjoy wear it.
agreed. I'm see the model's shoes on all this pics from new season and I don't understand whats going on with diesel? I love diesel shoes, but all shoes from the new collection is shiny leather with or without dots. Maybe some customers will love it, but for me it is very disappointing and even ridiculous.
Ohh man!!! Those thavar 833j and 609m are sooooo nice!!!
 Agree.you can replace your 886b on new pair of 886b - I love grey denim and 886b its my fav wash on the best cut!
I saw a weird labels on diesels that sale on Europe. I sure you guys saw that and know what I'm talking about. Example: 1. Shioner 824y with weird labal against my shioner 74y You can see the differnt on the font, shape and size of the fine print. 2. Tepphar 824b against my tepphar 804k What you think guys? The weird labels say that it's fake or something like that, or it's nothing and the both are authentic? Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: