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Hey beLOYAL, great to emeet you :)
Just make sure you'll wash them once to judge. If you are in San Francisco I'd be happy to give/send you one.
That's a great shirt. Also take a look at the Nudie Dustin Denim Shirt. This site has 20% of in the next week if you use coupon code NUDIE20:   http://www.rolo.com/products/DUSTY-DENIM.html  
Next Levels's CVC is amazing. It's 60% cotton / 40% poly. Wash it once and it will have the perfect fit.     http://www.nextlevelapparel.com/Prod-24-1-31-2/Premium_CVC_V.htm
Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the warm welcomes. Been super busy lately.   You guys have started a great community and I am excited to share my passion for denim and jeans with all of you.   http://blog.rpmwest.com/post/47563367734/im-starting-a-jeans-brand-its-called-rpmwest
Nice to meet you Phukette :) Hope I didn't leave that bad of an impression.
Thanks Jennifer.   I assume it was you who made the "moderation edit" - totally understand btw.
Hi everyone,   Nice to see such a vibrant and passionate community of denim lovers. Here's my quick intro: I am Manuel and I live in San Francisco. I have been fascinated by denim brands since I was a kid - Diesel was my absolute favorite back then. There's just something about the Punk Head logo. Today I appreciate a classic 5-pocket jean, selvedge denim and time to wear them in to make them my own. I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.   SHAMELESS...
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