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Dude! Haven't talked to you in a long while!  Hope everything is good.  could you please tell me the actual length of the inseam on your Thavar 886B? Also what condition are they in?  thank you,   Michael
Hey Weenie I think they look great on you.  Does your pair have fraying just under the knee?  My pair has a small hole there and is very frayed in that one spot.  I'm thinking of putting a patch in to protect it.
Thanks very much for all the pics Zdenal! Really appreciate it... Yes I don't know what I think about that big rounded toe. I've got size 46 feet and think it just might look too bulky for a guy like me. The Chron zip is a much narrower shoe and might be the better choice
Thanks very much Zdenal. I'm thinking of buying the Cassidy boot or the Chron Zip. I'm going to try them on this weekend. Have you tried the Chron zip in black from this season,
I am thinking about purchasing a pair of Diesel Cassidy boots. I was curious if anyone on the forum has purchased these before and how much you like them. Is this a good boot to wear with Diesel skinny and slim cuts? Are they comfortable and are they constructed well? Do you recommend them? I would appreciate your advice. If you would recommend a different boot please let me know. Thanks!
I have to say that I'm diggin the boots that he's wearing even more than the jeans.   Anybody know what boots they are or something similar to this??
I tried 31W x 32L and also 31W X 34L.  I would say that the 32L ran about 33.5 inches -- just a little bit too short for me.  The 34L was perfect with great stacking.  I would estimate it at 35 inches long.  This is a jean that you want to go for the extra length because the stacking is so awesome...
Bummer dudes!  I was getting ready to pull the trigger...
Thanks also to DC!
Lozan DA, Free radical,Weenie, and DAThanks very much for your comments and positive feedback. I really do appreciate it. i'm Still thinking about these jeans
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