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 Sure.  Do you have a picture?  Still not certain I can make to the store, but I'm going to try.  I'm there on business.
Dudes... Hoping to go to the Diesel flagship in about a week in San Francisco. If I make it I will take fit pics of 834F and post them
Very nice.. Like the outfit and especially the jacket with the black denim pairing.  Did you treat the jeans at all?  Looks like a little bit of distressing?
Wow dude.... What a great outfit. Nice color combo and fit... What are the shoes?
Have any of you guys seen THAVAR 0827I in person in the stores?  I'm thinking of buying it.  With the sale, its down in price to only $110.  it looks like a versatile light blue daily wear jean that I could match with alot of things.  I would appreciate anyone's thoughts.  Thanks!
I'm checking out thavar 827i. Has anyone tried this wash on or seen it in person? http://shop.diesel.com/thavar-0827i/00CKS10827I.html?dwvar_00CKS10827I_color=01#start=1
Great look buddy! and congratulations on diesel opening back up in Australia
Hey the extra 20% off end of season Diesel sale is here! What are you guys thinking of buying???
Looking great in that outfit Ramirez! How comfortable are these jeans? They look like a Shioner fit or more thavar?
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