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Zdenal, Great look!  What jean wash are you wearing?  They look very nice?
Oh here's one other possibility in suede: http://www.donaldjpliner.com/product/distress_velvet_oxford_zadok-ud.do?sortby=ourPicks&from=fn
Thanks very much for the advice.  Yes I remember now a while back that you remarked that when wearing skinny jeans, boots can often make you look like a golf club which is unflattering.   Its a good point.  I should probably wear the Cassidys with my safados, krooleys and darrons.  Its interesting that you recommend Brogues because I've been eyeing a couple of pairs for purchase.  Please let me know if you like one more than another or if you have a different...
Yes a beautiful wash... What color shirts seem to go best? Looks great with black. By the way I have 8S9 if you'd like to see some pics...
Dude!! Really like the Wornin Pepper on you... A great look... Is the color similar to 805a? Think I'm going to pick up a pair
Yes 8S9 is beautiful.... Do all pairs in Thanaz have the dragons?
Hey Vapor Very nice outfits and color combos...great style! That's the first I've seen the 806Q before... Looks great.. Can you describe the color and fit of the wash?
Hey dude... Any sentence that begins with "no offense" means that you are likely to offend... Actually that is one of my favorite pairs of denim and I love the cut
Looking good! Can you share some fit pics? The color looks off black. Is there a resin coating?
Thanaz 74k Cassidy boots
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